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The Club Penguin Online Army League, often shortened to CPOAL, which then became The Club Penguin Army League, was an army league created by Waterkid101 in May 2018, which was then taken over by his successor, Epic101, in September 2018. This league is widely credited with the rebirth of modern day armies along with the greatest Golden Age seen in Army History.



Prior to the creation of Club Penguin Online Army League, there was a severe grey area in which armies would be able to find solid judicial facilities and a large scale media operation. In response to this, Waterkid101, the mastermind behind Club Penguin Online set out to unify armies under one central league that directly correlated with his Club Penguin Private Server. Thus resulting in the founding of the Club Penguin Online Army League in May of 2018. In conjunction with Club Penguin Online, this league was created with a mission to be the unifying force between all of the armies. It quickly rose to relevancy as it was widely spread around Club Penguin Online, and soon had a large following of armies that relied on it for judging and media purposes. For the first time since 2017, a major army tournament was held on Club Penguin Online by the Army League, it would be the Champions Cup which would be widely contested but won in the end by RPF.

Closure and Reopening

By the end of summer 2018, the league eventually fell stagnant, witnessed the departure of Waterkid101 and underwent a brief closure. This closure was short-lived, as Club Penguin Online Moderator Epic101 was quick to reopen the league in August of 2018. Epic101 was able to create a page that involved an in-depth description of the fundamentals of armies, along with various tips and tricks to help assist new players and reinforce knowledge. He was eventually able to enlist the assistance of Club Penguin Online Spanish head moderator, Icedanx as an executive officer to cater to the various different languages in the community (Spanish & Portuguese).

As well as pages with tips & tricks, he began writing Top Ten Armies' of the week & of the month in September of 2018, something not seen for a number of months or even since 2017. This gave the community something to battle for and even encouraged more users to set up their own Armies or even recreate old Armies.