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The Pirates of CP (commonly known as CPPA, or the Club Penguin Pirate Army) is a historic army that was created in Spring 2007 by Bid Now. Although many Pirate armies were created at that time, Bid Now created the first Pirate Army that had more than one generation and lasted through the years to come. Throughout time, they had a total of 9 generations, with generation 8 being the most successful of them all. Although Bid Now and the leaders of the first 3 generations were U.S (who lived in America), CPPA has become the largest UK army ever created, since Waterkid100 and Epic101 is from the UK. Following their recreation in 2018 under Epic101, the Pirates managed to achieve a number of records, including the highest max at an army event (193+ in 2019).


The Pirates were created some time in the May 2007 by Bid Now. During that time, he was in the Ice Warriors and the Underground Mafias Army. He created the army and gathered around 4-5 troops. When Whaleoil, a troop who was seen as active and loyal by the army's leadership, became leader, the army grew to new heights, getting around 8-10 troops during wars. After Whaleoil came Hussam. Hussam was apparently incredibly loyal to the Pirates, always making graphics and looking for ways to improve the Pirates chat. Hussam eventually became the 3rd leader of the army. The army stayed at a steady pace for a while until they dropped to 3-5 troops. One of those troops, Coolster114, worked as hard as he could and finally became a leader. Coolster grew the army to new heights. Sometimes hitting 13+, which at the time was impressive for a medium army. It even saw us defeat the Golds in a war. After a few weeks, Bid Now joined the Golds and Hussam/Coolster didn’t like that and started to get into arguments with Bid. In 2008, Bid left the army and defaced the site, causing the first generation to end.

Pirates back in 2008

After weeks of arguments, Coolster114 and Hussam apologized to Bidnow, and they made up with him. They were allowed to recreate the army. This happened in mid 2008. Hussan, however, decided to retire from all armies before this could happen, leaving Coolster to lead alongside Whaleoil. Together, they rebuilt the army, getting sizes of 7. Soon, though, Whale left, without handing over a replacement. Coolster also quit a while later, with the Pirates having a new string of leaders. These people, though, could not do anything to strengthen the army, and the CPPA soon died yet again.

Pirates back in 2011

During the summer of 2011, Zakdude and Jedpen of the Water Vikings decided to change the armies name to the Pirates. They were given permission by Coolster114, and a 2ic from the original generation. Hence, G3 was born. This era was pretty successful, with the CPPA averaging 25 at events, and being ranked as the 5th best army in Club Penguin. When the season ended, we fell into depression, and the generation came to a halt.

September 2011 saw the return of the CPPA, under the command of Waterkid100. At first, they were small, gaining only 5 at events, but when December struck, the army got involved in wars with other medium armies, and began to average 15. We continued to rise, eventually maxing 20 at events, and with former leaders backing the army once more. In April, though, the world power armies, ACP, and the Nachos, were in war with us, and thrashed us. Waterkid100 left, leaving Waterkid200 and Reuben as his successors. The army dropped to sizes of 10, and thus, 100 returned, boosting our morale. Despite this, we still did not rise, and eventually merged into the SWAT, at the end of the month

On the 19th of May, 2012, Waterkid100 was unfairly fired in the SWAT. For a long while, he was already plotting the return of the Pirates, with Coolster. Originally, they were planning to revive the army in the summer, yet this was reversed, as Water was left without a

n army. On our first day back, we got 20 at an event, that had only a 4 hour notice. We continued to hit those sized, taking multiple servers from the Nachos in a war that we won.

CPPA vs UMA June 2012

Eventually, Coolster114 left. The UMA began to invade, ripping through the Pirates Nation. Waterkid200 exited too, leaving only Waterkid100, who appointed Cul8sr as a US Leader. We managed to take some servers at UK times, only for the opposition to reclaim them soon after. The war ended 12-2 in the enemies favor, and we began to build ties with them. Cul did not do much, however, and was soon removed from his position, leaving only 100 in power. June had flown by.

Waterkid100 controlled the army soley throughout July, until 200 returned and was installed into the regime. He had changed his name to Lucas806. The army recovered from a fall, getting 8-10 at events, before the site was hacked. We moved, but then the former site was regained, thus we returned to it. During this time, in August, we had defeated the Club Penguin Ice Troops, and the Icy Troops in seperate wars, killing both of the armies, and taking their servers. Unk was a Leader for a short while, until he retired, being replaced by Tylund1. Soon came September, the era of total war. At the beginning of September, CPPA decided to team up with PCP and ST against the war on ACP. The war

CPPA at their height in November 2012

lasted on through Spetember into October, with invasions every single day. During the last few weeks of October, there was a small break until November, when BA declared war on armies including ACP, causing WW6 to commence. CPPA soon rose to their height of their empire, gaining 30+, on CP and defeating ACP in almost every battle. Soon though, the BA dissolved, and Waterkid100 decided to retire CPPA earlier than expected, and CPPA fell into a turmoil. Waterkid100 decided to re-create the Pirates at the end of November, cauing a rebirth to CPPA.

Throughout the beginning of December, CPPA recruited, until the BA once again declared war on ACP on December 29th, 2012. Sometime during this period, the Pirates dissolved.

The Great Pirates Return, 2018.

On August 2nd, 2018, under the leadership of Epic101, the Pirate Army made its return for the first time since 2014. They joined Club Penguin Online with sizes of 50+.

The Pirates with sizes of 60 in August.

After just two weeks, the Pirates began to challenge the Rebel Penguin Federation, who were possibly one of the biggest armies at the time. After a number of battles, the Pirates came out victorious and the Rebel Penguin Federation closed after being banned from Club Penguin Online.

In early September, a defacement, curated by Panthera, occurred on the Pirates Discord server which led to about 600 members being banned. Just a week later, the Pirates returned. Around this point, the Pirates had 1,300+ members on their Discord.

Since their second reopening in mid-September, the Pirates did not max lower than 50 under Epic101's leadership. The Pirates peaked at sizes of 70-80 in multiple events and was one of four armies remaining in the Christmas Chaos 2018 tournament.

The Pirates with sizes of 80 at a training event.

October 2018 saw the Pirates’ first declaration of war since the RPF war in August 2018. Epic101 announced a declaration of war on the Elite Trackers And Activities. October also proved to be an important month for the Pirates as they went from fluctuating sizes between 30-50 and really began to grow rapidly in size. Mid-way through October we never saw a size drop below 50 Pirates at an event with peaks of 62-65 troops. This would be historically significant in the community as these were rare sizes first seen since 2017.

As the Pirates entered November 2018, a hugely historically significant moment in Army History would take place as the Army League would be re-established by Epic101. For the first time in over a year, a list of Top Ten Armies was released with the Pirates at the summit of the list followed by their brother allies, the Light Troops in second place.

First Top 10 Armies in years.

Along with the return of the Army League and the Top Ten Armies of the week, the Army League went on to announce that the first Tournament since June 2018 (which was the Legends Cup) would be hosted. The Christmas Chaos tournament would be hosted throughout November – December. This would be a massive chance for the Pirates to make history and win their first ever tournament.

Just like in October 2018, November was when we saw the Pirates push on and continue to gain more and more troops. This month we saw averages of 55-65 consistently week in and week out and for the first time in years, the community saw an army max sizes of 80.

November 24th 2018, we saw the return of the Christmas Chaos tournament for the first time since December 2016. The Pirates battled EPF in the First round and demolished them with sizes of 73 Pirates. The chances of winning this tournament were looking extremely likely.

Pirates vs. EPF, Christmas Chaos Round One 2018.

Pirates vs. Help Force, Christmas Chaos Round 2, 2018.

The second round draw was made just a matter of minutes after this battle. The Pirates were drawn to face Help Force in the second round. Ultimately, the Pirates won against the Help Force in the round.

Once again, at the end of this weekend of battles, the draw was made for the Semi Finals of the 2018 Christmas Chaos. The Pirates were drawn against the Ninjas. A battle that was definitely important to win as the Ninjas had only returned a week or so before this battle.

Pirates vs. Ninjas, Christmas Chaos Semi Finals.

The Finals of the tournament proved to be massively shrouded by controversy. The Semi Finals battle between the Elite Guardians & Templars ended in a draw so they both progressed to the finals to make it a three-way finals battle. The Pirates were the favorites heading into the battle and it was no surprise when we came out as the champions of the Christmas Chaos tournament 2018.

Christmas Chaos Finals

Christmas Chaos Finals 2018

During the battle, the Elite Guardians felt that the Pirates had cheated. They decided to boycott the battle and ended up being disqualified. The Templars moved to the second room but they ultimately decided to boycott the battle too and ended up being disqualified too. The Pirates saw sizes of 90+ at this battle in comparison to their enemies sizes of 40-55 troops. It was no surprise that the Pirates would outnumber both armies.

Christmas Chaos 2018 Trophy


After the Finals battle, the Pirates would hold a Victory Parade to celebrate winning our first ever tournament in the history of our army. On the same day, Epic101 would declare war on the Elite Guardians due to their actions as sore losers & false accusations against the Pirates.

Pirates Alliance.

As a result of this Declaration of War, the Elite Guardians joined forces with the Templars to combat the Pirates. The Pirates then formed an alliance with the Help Force & Ninjas and battled it out with the Elite Guardians’ alliance (the NVA). 5 minutes into this battle, the NVA retreated and were defeated.

Biggest Army of 2018

Prior to the end of the year, just like in original armies, there was the annual “End of Year Awards” – The Army League held community voting and after two weeks, the results were revealed. The Pirates took home a whole host of awards, most importantly the "Biggest Army of 2018" Award.

Pirates Maxing 107.

Before ending the year, the Pirates set a record for themselves. The Pirates managed to max sizes of 107 Pirates at a Tree Takeover event. For the first time since 2016, an army managed to surpass sizes of 100 troops.

This would not be the last time we saw landmark and historic sizes being reached. Just a matter of days later at an Invasion of Blizzard, we saw sizes of 102 Pirates in attendance. Incredible sizes that would go down in history. Sizes that armies were not seeing, once again, in the same week, the Pirates saw sizes of 111 at a ‘Pirate Party’ event. The Army Community was shocked to see such sizes as the last army to achieve sizes of 100 was the Light Troops in 2016. The Pirates had set the bar and would be the only army to max these sizes until 2020.

Epic101's Temp-Retirement event.

They would go on to average sizes of 70-85 throughout January 2019. February started slow as Epic’s activity dropped massively and on February 9th, 2019, he announced a temporary retirement where over 80 Pirates were in attendance to wave him off.

After that, the Pirates would drop their standards significantly for over a week without Epic as Sacha & Romeo took over the army. Sizes dropped to the mid 40’s and this saw Epic return temporarily to help out at events. The Army was in a bad state from February 25th to the middle of March as Epic was nowhere to be seen throughout this time, the Pirates were in need of an experienced leader to take control. Event results stopped being posted on the website and the flow of recruits had decreased massively. On March 30th 2019, Epic announced his full return to the army with a Ninja Raid event while taking a dig at RPF & the Elite Guardians, saw sizes of 65 Pirates.

Pirates' declaration of War.

In April the Pirates saw their discord server reach 3,000 pirates, an insane moment for the army but they did not stop there. We started off the month strong seeing sizes of 70-80 regularly at every event. As mentioned before we saw our brother allies, the Light Troops return. However, there was a time in April where the leadership of the Light Troops had been slightly inactive so the army had been weak, the Help Force pounced on the Light Troops and as a result, saw a direct declaration of War from the Pirates.

Pirates vs. Help Force War, April 2019.

Pirates vs. Help Force, Invasion of Flurry.

On April 20th, the first battle of the war began as the Pirates invaded Flurry from the Help Force. The battle would be contested well by both armies. However, it appeared the Pirates had a far superior size & tactical advantage over their opponents. At this time, the Help Force were unaware of the Defending Army following the Invading Army rule and led to a number of disruptions after the battle as it led to the Pirates victory in this invasion of Flurry.

Pirates defense of Zipline

Following this invasion, the Help Force appeared to ignore the Pirates' invasion of Zipline which was shceduled during UK times, the Help Force retaliated by invading their server back the next day at AUSIA times. It was yet another exciting encounter between the two biggest armies at the time and at the end of the battle, the judges decided the Pirates were victorious in a score of 2-1 at the end of the three battle rooms.

Following these two battles, the Help Force decided to not show up to any further invasions which resulted in the end of the War, giving the Pirates the victory.

Summer 2019, a Pirate Golden Age.

Not a lot occurred in May, the Pirates shut down temporarily to work on their recruiting methods according to their History Page and then returned on the 27th of May with sizes of 75+. Once again, the community saw Epic go missing in action (MIA) at the end of May and just as his previous departure, the army took a huge hit.

NAA Alliance of 2019.

Following Epic’s random departure, the army’s sizes dropped significantly. Romeo & Sacha were left in control and kept the army afloat, but at the time had formed an alliance with the Help Force & Royals as Epic was missing. The “National Armies Alliance” was formed and went to war, short term, with the Templars.

At the beginning of July, sizes were still low as they began to max 25-35 on a daily basis. On July 15th, Epic returned and closed the army once again for two weeks to find out new recruiting methods & set up a recruiting squad. On the 21st an unscheduled training occurred with sizes of 45+, but a week later, the official Pirates return happened and over 85 Pirates turned up to this, sizes that hadn't been seen in a number of weeks. At this time, Epic immediately disbanded the alliance with the Help Force and declared them as enemies once again.

Pirates' maxing 100 in July 2019.

The Pirates' sizes really began to rise as Epic returned to the helm of the army and went on to average 80-90 non stop until the end of the month, even maxing 100 on July 31st in a Tuba Takeover event.

August saw more of the same from the Pirates, seeing sizes of 95, 90, 93 and averages of 80, and as the Army League's Server Map was announced. They began to invade servers slowly and eventually took over a majority of the server map. The Summer Bash tournament began on August 17th, 2019 which saw a Round 1 Victory with sizes of 75 Pirates.

Summer Bash Finals 2019.

As the tournament went on, we saw success in the second round and the Quarter Finals, another Cup Trophy appeared to be in sight following their previous victory in the Christmas Chaos of 2018, and the Finals were announced to happen on the 8th of September. Their opponent would be a familiar foe, the Help Force. It appeared that Epic101 was absent for this battle which left the Pirates with a mountain to climb, many found that it would be a real challenge for the Pirates.

The Summer Bash Finals appeared to be yet another tournament shrouded by controversy, however, the Judges decided by the end of the battle that the Pirates were victorious over the Help Force, and the Pirates took home the gold on the day.

Official Summer Bash Trophy.

Pirates Alliance vs. NAA

A week on from the Final, the Help Force with the National Armies Alliance declared war on the Pirates, as a result, the Pirates formed an alliance with the Templars & the Detectives. On September 14th 2019, both alliances battled it out in a huge war battle. After the 30 minute battle, the Pirates alliance were victorious as they outsized the National Armies Alliance as well as performed better on the day.

The Biggest Event in Army History + Reunion

The battle with the Help Force & their allies would turn out to be the final War battle of the year for the Pirates as just a day later, September 15th, 2019, the Pirates shut down, calling an end to their Summer Golden Age. The end appeared to be historic though, as they saw over 193 Pirates show up to their official "Shut Down" event. These are sizes that have never been seen before in Club Penguin Army History, especially not in the CPPS Era. On top of this, it is claimed they made the server Slushy a 5-Bar server.

Pirates' Shut Down Event, September 2019.

The Pirates managed to circle the Ice Berg & The Town at the same time as seen above and below. Both pictures taken at the same time.

Pirates' Shut Down Event Lockouts, 2019.

Pirates reunion, December 2019.

There was a brief glimmer of hope at the end of the year as they held a reunion event in December which saw them max 80 users at this reunion event, it was a good sign as a potential return was on the cards, just three months after their shut down in mid-September.

List of Leaders

This is the list of the Pirates leaders throughout their history:

Generation 1:

Bid Now(Creator)




Generation 2:







Generation 3:

Zak (Creator)

Jed Pen (Creator)



Generation 4:





Ace Fierken 6

Bid Now



Generation 5:











Generation 6:

Pongo3010 (Creator)




Final Chaser


Generation 7:




Final Chaser


CPPS Pirates [2018 - 2020]

Generation 8:

Epic101 (Creator)





Generation 9:





Whats Up11

Generation 10:






The Club Penguin Pirate Army uniform has always been basically any pirate items, with no generalized or detailed uniform list. Here are a few examples of what Pirate troops can wear:

During their stint on Club Penguin Online from 2018 - 2020, the Pirates used the following uniforms:

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