Club Penguin Private Server Armies, were the unified and revival of Club Penguin Armies. The community was founded after Club Penguin was shut down.

At the beginning, Club Penguin Private Server Armies were mostly based on Club Penguin Rewritten. However, with the passage of time, the community managed to spread over wide array of Club Penguin Private Servers.

Today, most of the armies are spread over SuperCPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten, Penguin Oasis, Club Penguin Online etc. The army took a different approach, starting out decently big and continued. The community would see extreme springs.


  • Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central
  • Daily Small-Medium Army News
  • Club Penguin Armies Syndicate
  • 'Club Penguin Online Army League - CURRENT ACTIVE'
  • Club Penguin Armies (Website) - CURRENT ACTIVE


These are the individuals who played a very crucial role in either the starting up of Club Penguin Private Server Armies. While some of them are remembered for their work within the community, others are recalled for Club Penguin Army News Websites.

  • Commando717
  • Elmikey
  • Waterkid101
  • EpicMaster101
  • SirShad
  • Cpworld2001
  • Greeny
  • Memmaw
  • Doctor Mine Turtle
  • Superhero
  • Popsiclebeak [RPF Legend, CPA Legend]
  • Twitchy543 [RPF Icon, CPA Legend]
  • Cobra [Most Influential Leader of 2018 DSMAN Vote, CPA Legend, Templar Legend]
  • Edu14463 [EGCP Legend, CPA Legend]
  • Silverburg [CPA Legend]
  • Chip [RPF Legend]
  • Xing [Templar Legend, RDA Co-Founder]

List of Armies

This section consists of most, if not all, Club Penguin Private Server Armies. As already mentioned above, most of the armies are spread over SuperCPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten, Penguin Oasis, Club Penguin Online etc.

Time Periods

New Beginning (March 30th 2017 - November 2017)

The New Beginning was the era of CPRA showcasing the change to Club Penguin Rewritten and other CPPSes. This era saw conflicts like a war with RPF and Tubas. It began to die down in November when activity was low and the "Depression of December" was nearing. RPF remained the most active. There was a short depression in October of 2017, which saw UMA being disbanded but revived later. Romans was also revived during this time.

Depression of December (December 2017)

The Depression of December was a downtime in December. Many armies lost size and influence. The Romans, Tubas, and Dark Knight Empire were a clear example of this. They were unable to hit above 7. RPF remained big. This saw conflicts like the War of Roman Subjugation. Alliances like the New Viking Alliance and UMADKE saw their creation. The Rebel Penguin Marines also were revived/created under Elmikey after his coup on December 7th. Eventually Club Penguin Rewritten enacted strong army restrictions on December 12th, 2017. No army complied.

The Revival (January 2018 - April 2018)

Armies took a new turn in January 2018 with the formation of Club Penguin Army Syndicate which was created by Twitchy543 to organize armies. It was successful but eventually shut down in April 2018, thus killing the community. Wars like the UMA Civil War happened, which was between the factions known as New Underground Mafias Army led by Mason Cooper and the Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army led by EHROYALS81 and Games. This saw the first reminiscence of the Pizza Federation. UMA shut down in late February.

The Spring Depression (April 2018 - July 2018)

The Spring Depression was the third downtime in CPRA. Little armies were created and sizes were low for armies. The Rebel Penguin Marines disbanded during this time. RPF remained the biggest and most alive. Armies began switching to Club Penguin Online after Club Penguin Rewrittens "closure" in March. This era saw the Templars creation by Xing and Elmikey. This also saw a war between EGCP and Templars known as the First Great Holy War. With this depression few armies were big. The dispute of land was beginning to down and people having empires was being a past thing. The Underground Mafias Army was revived again.

Summer Revival (July 2018 - September 2018)

Armies saw a huge revival again with Club Penguin Online's Army League. It was an easy way to get troops. Almost all armies signed up. Templars revived during this era. This era saw the Pizza Federation's modernization to use up to date tactics rather than 2007 like tactics. This era also saw the Underground Mafias Army disbanding. The Pirates were revived also. This also saw 2 huge conflicts known as World War VII, which was the Red Dawn Alliance against the United Armies of Club Penguin Online and The RPF-Pirates War which was the RPF against the Pirates. World War VII saw a RDA victory and the RPF-Pirates War saw a Pirates victory. The Rebel Penguin Federation disbanded creating the Rebel Federation. Elmikey revived his RPF, sometimes called Elm's RPF or Neo-RPF. This era saw the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin's first Golden age. Many armies were formed

Slow-down Era (September 2018 - November 2018)

Eventually armies had a slow down, but not a depression. Armies were coming and going. The Nova Phoenix Corps, the Romans successor closed down due to lack of interest. The Pirates and Elite Guardians were the only big armies left, most armies being near death. The Elite Guardians began losing size.

New Years (December 2018 - January 2019)

In December of 2018, the Army League was revived. The Elite Guardians grew back to size. Templars began growing and all armies began bursting out. Many more armies were being formed. The New Viking Alliance was revived and is currently on-going. This saw a 2 wars against the Templars, known as the Second Great Holy War and the Templar Exodus.

Migration (January 2019 - March 2019)

On January 26th, 2019 many armies exposed the Club Penguin Online Army League. Many left including EGCP, Templars, and the Winged Hussars. On January 27th the Templar Exodus ended.

Till March 2019, the conflict between CPR Armies and CPO Armies remained. This conflict finally ended when EpicMaster101 went on a leave and Greeny, Memmaw & Doctor Mine Turtle established a separate news websites for all CPPS excluding those armies which were affiliated with Club Penguin Online

Parallel Worlds (April 2019)

On April 26th 2019, the Club Penguin Armies website was established covering all armies across various Club Penguin Private Servers. Along with their website, the new hub also launched a server map. It was the same as that Commando717 had launched back in 2016.

In June 2019, Superhero established his own Private Server for the sake of holding CPA tournaments. It was called Club Penguin Armies: the Game.



Club Penguin Armies is founded.  Originally under the name “Club Penguin Origins Army News”, the idea for a new army hub was expanded upon by army veterans Greeny and Memmaw to spread across multiple CPPS, as well as include the server map.  Greeny and Memmaw brought on DMT, another veteran player, to help the site and make important posts.

The four charter club members once CPA opened consisted of the Lime Green Army, Green Street Gang, Pizza Federation, and the Winged Hussars, as well as other armies that ceased to exist in the upcoming gentrification of CPA, such as Cofo, Cherries, the Tuba Army, and the Bass Battalion.


The server redraft took place on the fourth of May, and involved eleven armies.  22 of the then 55 servers were drafted.  While the admins expected armies to enter a frenzy for servers, nearly every army took a passive approach.  Not much warfare happened within the month of May, as armies would pop up then die in days.  However, huge developments were going on behind the scenes.


Army veteran and CPPS guru Superhero123 joins the admin team in junction with his new private server, Club Penguin Armies: The Game.  The server launched with 27 servers, and unique additions to benefit army battles, such as size commands and join army commands, which instantly gives out the army’s uniform.  Before CPATG launched, a rogue army appeared under the name of Mopia, lead by SagaSage.  The Game officially launched on the 15th, with every registered army receiving one server.  Just days later, the renowned Portuguese army, the Elite Guardians, registered upon news of CPATG.

EGCP joined with an imperialistic view on the map, invading any server they could.  They quickly claimed almost the entirety of the western side of the map.   They easily handled the top ten until the 21st, when one of the most storied armies in CPA history registered: the Rebel Penguin Federation.  Mopia quickly allied with RPF to form a fearsome duo at the top.  Before RPFs registry, EGCP had scheduled an invasion of Marshmallow, CP Rewritten, Mopia’s capital.  RPF sent reinforcements to this battle, and EGCP were overwhelmed and lost the invasion, after Mopia maxed 50.

RPFs first full week brought an assault on the CPR landmass, as they invaded Zipline, Deep Freeze, and Antarctic.  While this happened, EGCP continued their own assault on the Mopia empire.  Scheduling invasions for Snowy River and Fiesta on CPATG, they realized that RPFs gargantuan size would not be present in the battles, as RPF had a strict CPR-only policy.  They trounced Mopia by sizes of 28 to 20, and 27 to 18.  As EGCP expanded their control of the map to CPATG, RPF saw the predicament with their allies, unable to help protect their land off of CPATG.  Thus, the RPF Strike Force was founded, a portion of RPF troops who are deployed on the rest of the CPPS to fight.  However, EGCP already had a stranglehold on the map, with only the Lime Green Army rivaling them in server count.


At this point, CPA was growing rapidly.  The discord hit 300 members, and over 500 users had registered for CPATG.  With the growth came more conflict, and wars started to brew.  The first domino to fall was Chainpro, a CPA veteran and LGA leader, left the army to create his own, the Red Rebellion.  His reason for departure was because he sensed LGA was getting “toxic”, and his departure left quite the storm, as it was soon found out he had told a select few friends he was leaving a week in advance.  Zeke became the sole leader of LGA, and the two armies headed down the path of a surefire rivalry.

In the first week of the month, LGA invaded the Recon Federation, a new army that was maxing sizes of 4.  The battle was swift, but it was the first development in the first official war of the CPA V2 era.  LGA scheduled another invasion of RFCPs land, but lost as RFCPs size skyrocketed to 18 troops.  Recon Federation had joined the New Viking Alliance, a storied group of armies.  RFCP leader Prior Bumble declared war on LGA the next day, and included the stipulation that allies were welcome.  The war has been dubbed “The War of Smoke and Sour”.

Before the war began, an issue arose that the entire community had to deal with.  The Templars, an army infamous for the wrong reasons, registered for CPA after being banned by CPOAL.  While normally CPA accepts any army, many army leaders expressed their concern over the Templars joining CPA.  After deliberation, the admins decided to host an open discussion for the Templars leaders to convince the other CPA leaders to let them in.  After an hour and a half of discussion, the decision was made that the Templars would be allowed to join, only on the condition that CPA had the right to banish the Templars if anyone in their army is toxic to others and if they threaten others with doxing and ddosing.  While the vote to let the Templars in was on track to pass, the Templars pulled their registration, thus ending the debacle.

The LGA-RFCP war quickly evolved into what became known as an alliance war.  NVA armies such as the Elite Guardians, the Winged Hussars, the Pizza Federation, and Green Street Gang all backed RFCP in the war.  Unfortunately for LGA, Mopia had ended their alliance with LGA shortly after Chainpro’s departure, due to conflicts with the new LGA leader, Zeke.  Instead, Mopia allied with the Red Rebellion.  This left LGA with their only allies being RPF, and the two headed into the war seemingly outmatched.

The Recon Federation lost the first two battles of the official war.  Their defense of Beanie was unsuccessful as LGA maxed a staggering 28 troops with RPF reinforcements.  They also lost their invasion of Fog from the LGA empire, as LGA outmatched them in size again.  The first contested battle in the war came in the Lime Green Army’s defense of Northern Lights.  Both armies held sizes of 17 throughout the battle.  After the armies agreed to have the admins declare a winner, heavy deliberation followed.  Over thirty minutes after the battle had ended, the winner was announced as Recon Federation in a controversial decision.  Due to the close nature of the battle, many expected a tie, but it was not to be.  Because of this result, RFCP scheduled a reclamation effort for White House, CPATG, but lost.

Meanwhile. the first Club Penguin Armies hosted tournament kicked off.  The Summer Circuit, structured through a group stage, was a five week-long tournament where every army played all the armies in their group twice.  This tournament battle coincided with the war between LGA and RFCP, yet the war raged on throughout the first week.  In this time, the Red Rebellion, Chainpro’s new army, officially started holding events.  On the 16th, they scheduled an invasion of Beanie, CPR, from LGA, but lost.  Over the next few days is when the war between LGA and RFCP reaches it’s boiling point.  The Recon Federation received more help from the New Viking Alliance and began to win multiple battles.  On the 17th, they invaded Deep Freeze, CPATG, from LGA.  The next day, they successfully defended an aforementioned server, Northern Lights.  Lime Green Army leader Zeke logged his troops off early after 10 minutes of the battle for Northern Lights, claiming he was sick of fighting a whole alliance.  This caused a stir within the community, as many considered the ethics behind using alliances to claim and defend servers.

After the chaos of the first week in the Summer Circuit tournament, Prior Bumble, HippieFresh, and Zeke agreed to a one week ceasefire to let their respective armies focus on a tournament.  Yet, as soon as the ceasefire was put into effect, another war declaration came in.  The APAC army known as the Cosmic Army declared war on the Green Street Gang, declaring no allies for the war.  The two armies were on the opposite sides of the world, so the war quickly devolved into invasions where the other army had no chance of showing up in full force.  While this war waged on, the Elite Guardians picked up where the Recon Federation left off, and scheduled three invasions on the Lime Green Army empire.  Because the Elite Guardians did not formally declare war or any stipulations for their battles, LGA called for reinforcements from the Rebel Penguin Federation.  In addition to this, an army that will be referred to as the “Cuddle Kittens” was founded by Cena, a troop from the Red Rebellion.  CK gained the notoriety of a “troll army” mainly due to their outlandish tactics and relentless attack on servers.  The antics from this army caused multiple rules to be enstated to protect armies from such actions that destroyed the integrity of the server map.  Once the Cuddle Kittens realized that every loophole they find in the rules would be patched, they decided to schedule invasions that coincided with the Elite Guardians invasions on the same day.  This lead to LGA battling twice a day, sometimes three if they had a tournament battle.

On the 23rd, the invasion of Snow Shoe, CPATG, was successful for EGCP.  Hours later, LGA defended Sub Zero, CPATG, from the Cuddle Kittens in a close battle.  This battle was notorious for the fact that the trolling from CK reached a breaking point, with individual targeting during the battle against RPF leader Queenieliz.  Because of their actions, the admins made an executive decision to ban the Cuddle Kittens due to their toxicity.  Every member that participated in inappropriate tactics was banned from CPATG with the help of Superhero.  The next day, RPF held an invasion against RFCP, but the Recon Federation received a hefty amount of reinforcements, and successfully defended their land.  Meanwhile, EGCP successfully invaded Rocky Road, CPATG, from LGA.  The Green Street Gang jumped in with an invasion of Fjord, CPATG, but LGA was able to defend their land.  Slushy was the final invasion between LGA and EGCP, where the Elite Guardians took the win.

The 27th brought a new conflict, where the Cosmic Army invaded Frostbite, CPATG, from the Winged Hussars.  After this, the Elite Guardians scheduled an invasion of CA’s capital, Matterhorn, without realizing the Green Street Gang were already invading it.  They cancelled their invasion, but the Winged Hussars scheduled a reclamation of Frostbite from Cosmic.  In response, Cosmic scheduled an invasion of Snow Avalanche, CPR.  At the end of the day, WH leader Snork and CA leader PyxelPranav agreed to cancel their invasions and Cosmic would transfer Forstbite back to WH.  Later that day the War of Smoke and Sour concluded with the treaty of Smog and Citrus.  No formal winner was declared, and it was decided that history would choose who won the war.  In addition to this, no servers would be transferred back to their original owners.  This meant that the Recon Federation walked away with three additional servers, Deep Freeze, White House, and Northern Lights.  The New Viking Alliance was also included in this treaty, deeming that the whole alliance would also have peace with the Lime Green Army.  Thus, the first war in Club Penguin Armies history concluded, but one army had their eyes set on an empirical expansion.

RFCP’s defense of Deep Freeze (CPATG) from RPFST.

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