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Founded September 28, 2010
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Club Penguin SMAC (Club Penguin Small or Medium Army Central) was a website dedicated to reporting news of small, or medium sized armies. The website specializes in only small armies, like Wizards of CP. The website is well known for its professional graphics, and posts. However, many hackers try to attack it.

Official Description

We are CPSMAC, or Club Penguin Small and Medium Army Central. Our mission is to provide fast and high quality updates to the CP army community about small and medium armies. We cover battles, shine the spotlight on rising armies, reflect on fallen armies, have columnist posts, and lots more. We also have weekly army top tens, and host tournaments.

Our site was formed on September 28, 2010, as a ‘branch’ of CPAC, or Club Penguin Army Central. However, right now, we are an independent site, with a partnership with CPAC.

SMAC eventually ceased their partnership with CPAC because of issues over their posts. SMAC would eventually face competition when SMAP(Small Medium Army Press) was created. SMAP was created under the influence of CPAC needing a Small/Medium partnership.

As SMAP had the full support of CPAC, SMAC would suffer. As SMAP had more experienced and professional staff compared to staff and posted more often. SMAC at one time only had 2 posts a week, while SMAP had 7. However, SMAC survived and was asked if SMAP could merge into them. Although SMAP was seen as the more professional news site, the community wanted just one Small/Medium Army news site.



  • You can see their website at:
  • SMAC allows people to send them posts, and if good enough, the authors on the website will publish those posts. You can enter a post at:
  • It's the #1 website in small army news.

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