Club Penguin Staff is out-of-character.

This page includes a subject that is not affiliated with armies and/or is out-of-character. This may include Club Penguin™, CP Private Servers, or other external mediums.


All Club Penguin and CPPS staff members hold a “M” badge to differ them from regular members.

The Club Penguin Staff were a group of employees hired by New Horizon Interactive (and later Disney) to help run Club Penguin. Jobs differed from one another depending on the tasks assigned to the positions employees were hired as. Such jobs were the official Club Penguin social media team, official community bloggers, graphic artists, and moderators.


The moderation team of Club Penguin were employees responsible for enforcing the rules. Moderation actions were done via the “Club Penguin Staff Control Panel”.

CPPS Staff

Club Penguin Private Servers also employees staff members to design graphics and enforce the rules of the community.

Moderation History with Armies

Many armies have been confronted with moderator staffs of both Club Penguin and CPPSes. Multi-logging, auto-typing, and botting are all actions condemned by the rules of both original Club Penguin and CPPSes. Many other armies faced action due to harassment and overload of servers.

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