The Club Penguin Sun Troopers were created in early 2009 by Hampton4life and Sklooperis.  They were outside of the Top 10 for months and worked very hard to get into it.  Both Hampton4life and Sklooperis were little known in the army community.  They were friends outside of CP Armies and are renowned for the teamwork they did.  Under their guidance, CPST was led to impressive sizes and got into the Top 10 many weeks in a row.  After the retirement of both leaders, CPST was merged with the Golden Warriors to make the Golden Troops.  Since then, CPST has been officially recreated once.  This generation was created by Wenny123abc and was led by some other 1st generation Sun Troopers as well.  It achieved 4th in the Top 10 and 5th a few others times at it's peak

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