Member uniform

Club Penguin bats uniform

Full Name Club Penguin Bats
Founded June 15, 2012
Status  ?
Government  ?
Size  ?
Famed For Nothing yet

Club Penguin Bats is a really, really young army on Club Penguin. It was founded on June 15, 2012, by Rriity. Currently the army has Three servers, and close to no soldiers. To join the army visit their website:

Allies & Enemies


  • LT
  • ninjas
  • Tacos
  • Water riders
  • Eliete agency
  • CPPA
  • Nachos


  • T.U.K (The United Knights)


  • Ice Age
  • Beanie
  • Big Surf


The Bats member uniform is:

Head: Purrple Bat Wings

face: Red sunglaess

neck: Hicking pack

body: Red CP jaket

Feet: Orange shoes.

The non member is:

Head:Purrple Bat Wings

body:Purple bet

If the penguin doesnt have thos eitems He can wear wathever he wants if its PURPLE

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