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Cobra (formally referred to as SavageCobra, and informally referred to as Savage, Cobrão, Cobre, 0blue0, and EXET by some) is a retired major army legend and former leader of multiple armies. He is best well known for being a leader of the Dark Knight Empire, for which he brought the army to relevance, being a leader of the Romans' first, second, and fourth CPPS generations, a leader and legend of the Templars, and acting-leader of the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. He is also known for being a founder and one of the main leaders of the New Viking Alliance and the Red Dawn Alliance, as well as being one of the main figures during the 2017 and 2018 anti-RPF movement. His career dates back to 2013 with the Rebel Penguin Federation initially, which would evolve into the Nachos later on. He returned to the community in November 2017 and has been on and off in the community since. He was best known for his rivalry with the RPF. He is also credited for modernizing the Pizza Federation army, for which he served as an advisor there for 2 years. He served as an administrator in the Club Penguin Army Syndicate in early 2019, and is partially responsible for bringing back the map to armies, and creating the modern league format used today. He has been voted "Most Influential Leader of 2018" in February 2018 by Daily Small Medium Army News, as well as being inducted as a 2018 major legend by the Club Penguin Army Syndicate initially in early 2019, and has been re-voted as a 2018 major legend on numerous occasions afterwards. He's formally a bureaucrat of the Club Penguin Army Wiki (now an administrator) and has worked previously throughout 2019 and 2020 with legends.


Cobra began playing Club Penguin in 2010 and would enter armies by late 2013.

First tenure in armies (2013 - 2015)

Cobra first began his career in December 2013 by joining the Rebel Penguin Federation. There, he would become familiar with xat, Elmikey, and recruiting where he was moderately successful with the latter. By February 2014, he was removed from the RPF. It is suggested that he served with the Nachos for a short period of time afterward.

Re-entry in the community (November - December 2017)

Cobra would re-enter the community after being recruited by Emperor Flame, the Dark Knights leader at the time. From there, he would begin his rivalry with the Romans and RPF, and would see a number of promotions from the lowest rank to third-in-command by late November. Here he meant Clemont4, who would become a good friend of his during his first months back in CPA. By December 5th, he was promoted to leader of the Dark Knights at the outbreak of the War of Roman Subjugation. He led the army during the war and co-led the UMADKE alliance. He went onto assist in the founding of the New Viking Alliance. After the war, he would continue leading the New Viking Alliance and the Dark Knights. He became a relatively large player in S/M armies at the time, forming new alliances and boosting relations. By December 10th, he abdicated his role as leader within the Dark Knights but would return on and off in a feud with Rocks. He would attempt to join the Romans during this time, but would hardly be accepted until later on, despite achieving a mod rank by early January of the following year. During this time, he assisted his former commander in 2013, Elmikey, with the Rebel Penguin Marines during the RPF-RPM War, most notably in the "Skirmish of Glacier", where he would be a huge player. He was also known for his anti-RPF beliefs, being one of the biggest players in the anti-RPF movement at this time. By late December, the Dark Knights were dead.

United Republic of Penguins and Club Penguin Crew

By late December, he assisted the United Republic of Penguins, but does not consider this apart of his true career. On December 31st, he joined the Club Penguin Crew as a third-in-command and assisted with the family aspect of army. His career in the Crew would be vital for his future career.

Early 2018 and S/M success (January - March 2018)

He served in the Club Penguin Crew from December 31st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018. During this time, he would meet many friends that would assist him with armies in the future. He was a member of the family aspect of the army, but mostly used the army for his own personal training. He led some events, achieving sizes from 12 to 15, but doesn't consider this apart of his success. During his time in the Crew, he also formed the influential troll army, the National Socialist Penguin's Workers Party. He was second-in-command during the CPC-Roman War. During the war, he was fired from being a Romans mod, which would lead to his disdain for the Romans during the war. The Crew would lose after Security joined and defaced the army, as well as transforming the army into the Club Penguin Crew Empire. Cobra was a heavy critique of this and released many posts regarding it on the Dark Knight's website. After the war, the Romans allowed CPC troops to join as refuge, and Cobra was among the many to rejoin the Romans, receiving the rank of third-in-command. From here, his first true success was seen.

Reformation of the Dark Knights (February)

After a while, he and other Romans such as Guta felt that the Romans were dying and going in a poor direction. He would reform the Dark Knights with his DKE former second-in-command, Clemont4. From there they would recruit many former DKE troops and Roman troops during the first parts of February. They formed an alliance with the Elite Guardians, and would rapidly grow their land on the map. They also seen decent S/M sizes for the time, and would become the first army to make their primary CPPS Club Penguin Online, and would gain player base attention from there. Not too long after, Clemont was deemed a traitor and removed from power after drama regarding Cobra's management of the army. Guta would become an Emperor afterwards. Soon after, Cobra would negotiate with Romans owner Twitchy543, and would merge DKE into the Romans.

Leadership in the Romans and retirement (February - March)

After the merge, Cobra was given leader in the Romans (alongside Ray and Smurf, making up the 2018 Triumvirate) and would be credited with bringing the Romans back in track by incorporating new family policies, as well as successfully handling war and diplomacy. During his leadership, he brought the Romans to sizes of 15 after the Romans were maxing 5 during DKE's return. Cobra went onto be declared the "Most Influential Leader of 2018" by Daily Small Medium Army News, after a public vote was held. The Romans also won an award, that being "Most Influential Army of 2018". During this time, the Romans would also have a successful war against the Underground Mafias Army (an army that Cobra was accepted as a soldier in December 2017), but a treaty was signed and efforts were focused on the War on EGCP Imperialism. During the UMA-Romans War, Cobra would also colonize the Hawk Knights. On March 2nd, Cobra would close the Romans with Ray. Cobra went onto advise the Rebel Alliance of Club Penguin and became a third-in-command of the Elite Guardians, despite not attending any events and retiring. He left the community entirely and would not return until June.

Return to the community and World War VII (June 2018 - August 2018)

Cobra returned to the community on June 30th, 2018 by rejoining the Underground Mafias Army for third-in-command, but would leave and rejoin for fourth-in-command. Despite this, Cobra went on to become Templars' advisor before becoming their second-in-command and acting leader. He also helped found the Nova Phoenix Corps. During this time, Cobra saw his major army success by assisting the Templars during World War VII. He handled battles, warfare tactics, diplomacy, and recruiting all at once alongside his old friend Xing and Elmikey. He would become a huge player in armies, both S/M and and major, during this time, and would go onto advise the Pizza Federation by modernizing them and helping bring them into World War VII after they were attacked by RPF troops, which would later get him awarded hall of fame that month, as well as legend nearly two years later. Cobra would become an Elite Guardians advisor but would become a high commanding officer and acting-leader who managed warfare tactics, diplomacy, and administration after being removed from Templars due to suspicion of being a RPF spy. During this time, he assisted in drafting war plans, which would become the Red Dawn Alliance, which was founding by him, Xing, Cookky2, and Edu14463. Cobra would become one of their main five leaders. After successfully leading the Red Dawn Alliance to sizes over 70 and bringing the community against RPF to a victory, he would go onto remain in the Elite Guardians for nearly 2 years. He continued to handle diplomacy, administration, and specifically war.

Temporary leave (August - October 2018)

Throughout the next months, he would help advise and found the neo-RPF after RPF closed down. He would continue to help EGCP and Templars, becoming a formal leader in the latter, but would leave by October and be given Templars legend for his service in World War VII and his service for bringing the Templars to a pedestal alongside Xing. He would also be awarded EGCP honorable mention in August.

Return to the community (November 2018 - December 2019)

Cobra returned to the community in November 2018 by rejoining the Elite Guardians as an acting-leader, that headed administration, diplomacy, and war. By then, he drafted nearly every war plan and treaty the Elite Guardians used from this time until their end in 2020. He would become the face of the Elite Guardians alongside Edu14463. He saw leadership against the Templars during the Third Great Holy War, as well as during the Templar Exodus, the latter being after reforming the New Viking Alliance with Cookky. Cobra went on to be a administrator of the revival of the Club Penguin Army Syndicate, and would be partially responsible for bringing back the map and for developing the modern day league format used today. He would be inducted as a 2018 Club Penguin Army major legend in March 2019, for his service in early and late 2018, specifically under the Elite Guardians. After retiring from CPAS, he remained on and off until late 2019 where he became an acting-leader of the Elite Guardians once again, re-assuming his former positions. He would be notable for the EGCP-RFCP alliance, as well as leading the NVA during it's last run. Cobra also helped revive the Romans alongside Smurf, but did not lead and only advised.

Final tenure in armies (January - November 2020)

After EGCP's closure in early 2020, he would advise the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. In January 2020, he was voted as the "Best Troll" at the RFCP Second Semiannual Feddie Awards. He would be fired after the Romans and RFCP went to war. From here, Cobra unretired and joined the Romans as leader and the head of their warfare and diplomacy ministries during this time. During the war, he led the army to a disputed success. From there, he would leave the Romans once they closed and would advise armies like the Lime Green Army and People's Imperial Confederation before being fired from both due to controversy. He retired once again in May, and released a post on June 30th, his 2 year anniversary when he returned to CPPS armies. He was awarded Pizza Federation legend in May due to modernizing the army and advising it for 2 years straight. In mid October of 2020, he was unanimously voted formally as an EGCP legend by the current EGCP legends, despite originally supposed to being inducted in early 2019, which the legend status was officially added and announced on October 28th, 2020.

Return to Templars (October - November 2020)

On October 22nd, 2018, Cobra returned to the Templars army temporarily to assist them by regrowing, rebuilding, and modernizing them. Reformations included a revamp discord chat, introduction of recruiting quotas, revamped ranks system, and other game changing reformations for the army. Under his leadership, Templars saw it's peak sizes ranging from 26-30, but saw a fallout. He left the army on November 5th, after he failed to remove Xing from power peacefully alongside numerous other high command and advisors, in what he deemed as "beneficial for the army" and what Cobra thought would result in major army success in the future. Following his leave in Templars, he retreated back into retirement. The motive of the coup was Cobra and Xing's different outlook of direction and reformation of the army, prompting Cobra to call Xing "stubborn". The incident was reported on by Club Penguin Army Hub on November 6th.

Revival of the Underground Mafias Army (November - December 2020)

Prior to the revival of the Underground Mafias Army, Cobra was heavily involved in the "paramilitary" organization known as EHUMA, which was a group consisting of UMA veterans and new UMA blood. His work included growing the group alongside Games and Dino, forming the "dynamic trio" and the "Dinbra" duo. He helped breed new UMA culture as an underdog, and became heavily involved in disrupting army affairs, as well as conducting "guerrilla warfare". His work in creating the new UMA culture and identity led to him assisting the revival of UMA, which he took part in planning the government, website, warfare, and other fields, heavily. On November 17th, the army opened with him as one of the three leaders. However, on November 24th, he took part in leading a close ally of his, the Skateboarders, in a defense against the Island Invaders on the server Mittens. During this, he led many controversial tactics, which led CPAH to declare the army a loss. Following this, he stepped down from the Skateboarders and UMA and went into a break. Following the leave, he was made a UMA legend for his work in UMA and it's co-organization, EHUMA. He returned in early December to take the role of "Emperor" in UMA, which is the hands off guardian/advisor role. Soon after, he returned full time to leading and encouraged heavily to the growth and planning of the army, opting to use isolation. Under his, Zambi's, Lydia's, and Dino's leadership, the army would reach 15+ and see trends that would lead to a potential growth to major status. The army peaked at #4 on the CPAH S/M TT and began to form itself into a heavily organized force. In late December, the army was at the front of many controversies attributed to the likes of Cobra and Lydia, resulting in many reply posts and continued infighting in the community. After the controversy reached a boiling point, with advisory of the original guardians, Cobra and Zamb opted to shut down the army formally on December 29th.


Note: Many of these quotes were created in 2018, and Cobra has since denounced some of these quotes.

"Trust is never something that you can rely on. Trust is a weapon, not a feeling nor reliability" - Cobra

"In times a dictator helps a war, when it comes to politically, it will fail. Elm is not a dictator, instead, he is a honorable political leader and war leader" - Cobra

"RPF is like a gasoline lit fire, it has no end to it. Instead in order to remove it, you must cover it. Cover it in darkness until it is all gone" - Cobra

"I still never colonized OldCP... I still never accomplished many goals, Flames army died in the end of November. No return of DK. You may revive it yourselves, but I will not participate. It may come to attention, but the Old RPF inspires me. It inspires me to one day have a great army. No negativity. The purpose of fun. Nowadays, the RPF saddens me. It is a human mistake, Ofc RPF will never be repaired. Old UMA also inspires me. Many other older armies, accomplishing something great, for the fun of it, now we are here. Destroying each other. Fighting over stupid shit. It will never come back. To free instead we will be forever captured in this negative community" - Cobra on the community in early 2018.

"Due to his gay ties to the UMA and his immature act. In which I cannot understand and it pushes me to blow my brains out. I hope the cancer of him is removed from CPA" - Cobra talking about Games

"Never underestimate the power of one person, one army, one united. Never underestimate the ones who are smart and weak, and the ones who are dumb and powerful" - Cobra

"Dark Times, Mean Powerful Times" - Cobra

"Romans, I will lead us with Ray. We will have a Golden Era. I don't care what I said in the past or what others say. We will do this. It's time for Romans to get back to the top. Sieze the Night!" - Cobra after getting leader in Romans in February 2018.

"Boys, get your horses. Get your swords. We got a long time ahead of us." - Cobra after getting leader in Romans in February 2018.

"We are a family, we are a brotherhood, we are a culture. Nothing stands in the way of the idea of the Underground Mafias Army, nothing. Sure, maybe you can beat us in war, but you will never beat the idea of the UMA culture." - Cobra's controversial UMA quote in 2020.

Honorary Titles and Awards

  • Won the DSMAN Inaugural Awards 2018 "Most Influential Leader" Award (February 2018)
  • Pizza Federation Hall of Fame (July 2018)
  • EGCP Bronze Star (July 2018)
  • EGCP Combat Medal (August 2018)
  • EGCP War Medal (August 2018)
  • EGCP Silver Star (August 2018)
  • EGCP Honorable Mention (August 2018)
  • Templars Legend (October 2018)
  • EGCP Honorary War Medal (January 2019)
  • 2018 Major Legend (March 2019)
  • EGCP Golden Cross (2020)
  • Won the RFCP Second Semiannual Feddie Awards "Best Troll" Award (January 2020)
  • Pizza Federation Legend (May 2020)
  • EGCP Legend (October 2020)
  • EGCP Medal of Honor (October 2020)
  • UMA Legend (November 2020)