The Cofo's are really friendly. They are a group on CPR (Club Penguin Rewritten). Their principal enemies are the Pizza Bois. Cofo group grows each day, and they are thankful to those who join them.

Cofo was created with the purpose of making the green apron more popular, as pizzas were on the rise.

Cofo's plan was to also gather penguins from around the world and build a community of Gamers, Artists and the like.

Cofo's Website:

Cofo 4

Cofo 5

The Split

In the 23rd of March, 2019, Cofo decided to make a new start. The old server was not as active as it used to be, so a new one was made. Zenishira and Boringpengui (Now known as Darkmod) wanted to expand Cofo's domain to include more games such as the ones from Steam. Shannon did not agree with this change and decided to remain with the old community which is now considered dead.


  • The Cofo were originally Red, but because of the Pizza Boi's they changed to Green
  • Around late 2018 DarkMod left Cofo, only to return in March 2019 to found The New Cofo with Zenishira
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