The Color Clans are the oldest known model of Club Penguin Armies. The clans were starting to form after the 2006 Sports Party in Club Penguin. The party included the release of the red and blue hockey outfits in the Sport Catalog, this led to rivalries between the people who bought the red jersey and people who bought the blue jersey.

The Color Clans were unorganized armies since they had no central location to receive information like on a website forum or a chat. They would simply log on to Club Penguin and battle each other in the Dojo. The most popular clans were the Reds and the Blues. These clans could still be seen fighting on Club Penguin for years to come, because the color rivalry was pushed on by Club Penguin itself, but they mostly started to fade out in early 2007 as Club Penguin armies started to evolve.

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