A Snowball Fight between four Colored Armies.

The Colored Armies were the first ever armies in Club Penguin. Basically they were just penguins who wore, and supported their favorite color. The strongest army was Red, which was led by Korn####. These armies lasted some time, but soon vanished as other armies (e.g ACP) came about. Today there are some Colored Armies, but not as many as the past.


Originally written by Club Penguin Military.

The first sign of armies were during the Color Wars. These started as long as most people can remember. Many of the armies were disorganized. The biggest army was Red. The first Red army leader was Korn####. With an organized army and a strong leader with many loyal soldiers, this army raised to the top. It had many foes, but conquered them with great leadership. With great armies comes trust, but with trust comes trustworthiness, trustworthiness can not always bring friendship and loyalty. Korn#### was overthrown, but the Reds still remained powerful for a little while. Then they began falling apart and eventually they fell with the other color armies.


The uniform is simple: wear items that are the same color your representing.

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