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Comedy, also known as Omsk, is a current Head General of the Ice Warriors and a former leader of the Silver Empire.

Military Service

Help Force Career

Comedy’s career within the Club Penguin army community began on June 16, 2020, when she was recruited by the Help Force during one of their stamp segments and igloo raids. She was originally nicknamed Comedyguy after her original penguin, but soon shortened her nickname to Comedy to help end confusion over her gender. At the beginning, Comedy spent a majority of her time within the Help Force as an active chatter and a gambling local, meaning she would often gamble in-server currency within the army’s Discord server. During this time, she saw several promotions and was popular among the US and AUSIA divisions because she was more active in the community when they were online. Throughout her time in Help Force, Comedy recruited heavily. Nell, a leader of the Help Force at the time, often joked that Comedy made them cry due to the amount of her recruits they had to count. Due to her activity thus far, she earned the titles of Recruiting God and Gamer of the Week Specialist within the army. On December 12, 2020, Comedy was awarded the Help Force Hall of Fame title of Power Troop. On November 6, she got into a verbal altercation with then-moderator Dawn, who was also known as Butters. Shortly after this event, Comedy left the Help Force. Later in the day, Monika, a staff member of the Help Force at the time, told her about the Silver Empire and she made the decision to join the Silver Empire Discord server later that day. Though she wasn’t enlisted in the Silver Empire at the time, she was considered dual-enlisted when she decided to rejoin the Help Force a week later. On December 21, Comedy enlisted in the Silver Empire for the rank of Silver Colonel, the army’s sixth-in-command position.

Silver Empire Career

After joining the Silver Empire, the relationship between the army and the Help Force became worse, partly because of background drama between Comedy and the Help Force. In January 2021, Comedy remained in the Silver Empire as Flash came to an end and doxxing drama ensued in the Club Penguin Army Hub. During this time, she helped come up with the current structure of the Silver Empire Discord server and how the army’s reward system worked. Comedy made it a priority to try to revolutionize the army by creating a new website and help grow the army to major status through new recruiting methods. Furthermore, Comedy helped create new graphics for the new website and the Discord server. When Club Penguin Rewritten came to a close due to the Flash shutdown, Comedy, through New Club Penguin, was among a few who continued recruiting for the army. In January or early February, Comedy was promoted to fifth-in-command. Comedy’s suggestions, such as a recruitment competition to gain new members before the March Madness tournament, were seen positively by the leadership and were acted upon. She was soon promoted to third-in-command due to these revolutionary ideas and her recruiting efforts. When the Help Force and soon the Red Ravagers declared war on the Silver Empire, Comedy was accused of troopstealing. Ever since this accusation came about, Comedy has disputed it. As time went on, the accusation was dropped. Comedy began leading a lot during the week-long war against the Help Force and enjoyed outsmarting them every chance she got, including keeping them from raiding their events through deception. Shortly before the war ended, Silver Empire leader Amber began a leave of absence for the next few weeks. During this time, Comedy was promoted to second-in-command. In May, around Amber’s return, Comedy suggested and helped begin a trial staff program. In June, the Project: Conquest tournament began, and the Silver Empire did not hesitate to join it. During the tournament, in which the Silver Empire saw multiple victories, Comedy was a primary planner and strategist for the battles and led a share of them. Tensions between the Silver Empire and Water Vikings heightened after the latter lost to the former in their tournament battle. The tensions nearly brought the alliance between the two armies to an end, but Comedy suggested that the armies relieve their tensions and remain allies. This ultimately ended up being the case. On July 3, 2021, Comedy was promoted to Silver Commander, the leadership position of the Silver Empire. Due to conflicts and scandals within the leadership, Comedy left the leadership shortly after. After numerous requests, Comedy accepted Amber’s offer to become an advisor. Regardless, she left the position on August 25, 2021.

Ice Warriors Career

Shortly after the Legends Cup XI tournament, Comedy joined the Ice Warriors as a Head General. While in the Ice Warriors, she has been mostly quiet, although she has contributed to the server in some regard. Not only did she create several emotes for the server, but she also participated and won in the Ice Warriors Summer Olympics 2021 alongside her team members Kally, Colin/Myth, and DrQueen.

Fire Warriors Advisorship

In November 2021, Comedy became an advisor to the Fire Warriors. She contributed numerous graphics and ideas to the army. She was able to smooth things over between Rach, Ugly, Real, and Sweater after the latter’s seizure of the website. This includes the unbanning and subsequent apology to AustinFraud. Also during her tenure as a Fire Warriors advisor, she was able to clear Colin/Myth of the accusation made by Pran that the former was troopstealing.

Civic Service