Cookky2 is the founder of EGCP along with Edu14463 and former Leader of Nachos and EGCP. He was also made a CPA Legend in 2017.


Cookky2 started his CPA career in 2015, with Jayden1092 recruiting him to the Water Ninjas. He was a Private there and attended some events, but soon got inactive.

Later, in July 2016, Cookky2 joined Nachos. He got really active in the army during his first five days there and soon got a Mod rank. Later, in October, he was promoted to 3ic, and in November he got 2ic. He was one of the main recruiters during the Nachos new era, started with Dan101 and Verum couping Ryan. By the end of January 2017, Nachos were CPAC New Year Resolution Hunt & Kill champions. After that, Cookky2 was inaugurated as the 89th Nacho Leader. One of his last battles in Nachos was the Legends Cup VIII Final against Light Troops, in which Nachos were the winners. Some days later, Nachos shut down on March 30th along with Club Penguin.

In May 2017, Cookky2 joined Cocoa Warriors as Advisor and stayed there with this rank until June, when they shut down.

In October 2017, he met his friend Edu14463 and founded Elite Guardians with him. He led it to good sizes and consistency until January 2018, when he had to retire because of school. Since then, he has been an EGCP Advisor and is always helping the Leaders to manage the army.

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