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The Coup Crusaders, also known as the Crystal Cowboys, were a CPPS-era army created in May 2020 by Olimad, Catalyst, Toxic Storm, and Earthing. It went on to beat the likes of The Pizza Federation, Water Vikings, and the Os Mascarados Army.


Creation (May 2020)

The Coup Crusaders were created on May 13, 2020 by Olimad3, Catalyst, Toxic Storm and Small-Medium Army Legend, Earthing. It was originally conceived as a joke in the Army of Club Penguin chat due to a lack of pink armies. This joke eventually sprouted into an army led by Olimad3, Catalyst and Toxic Storm, while Earthing took on an advisory position. Coolguy was made leader shortly after joining, after its creation. The army's first event was a battle against Pizza Federation in which they won with an amazing 17 penguins+ online. They then went on to compete in the Challengers Cup, where they successfully defeated the Angels in Round One. Round Two pitted the Crusaders against the Os Mascarados Army, and ultimately ended with another Coup Crusader Victory. Despite their challenges they did not go on to win the cup.

Defacement and Colonization (May 2020)

The Coup Crusaders were eventually defaced by leader Toxic Storm due to an internal conflict between the leadership team. This led to the armies maxes plummeting significantly, going from consistent sizes of 20 to barely getting 4. During this time they had also been declared war on by both the Lime Green Army and the Army of Club Penguin (ACP), both formidable opponents to the crusaders. Negotiations sprouted between the Coup Crusaders and Lime Green Army, and CC Leader Coolguy was able to successfully avoid the conflict. Along with this, Coolguy and long-term ACP troop Olimad were also able to ease tensions between the Coup Crusaders and ACP. Nonetheless, ACP still prevailed in their war, however, the Coup Crusaders were able to keep their capital, White House, after winning a sled-race competition. The Coup Crusaders then went on to compete in the Legends Cup, but were knocked out of the bracket by Animal Kingdom. As a result of their significant drop in size, and the loss of much of their territory the Coup Crusaders agreed to colonize under the Ice Warriors. Under the colonization of the Ice Warriors the crusaders achieved their highest ever maxes and began becoming a Small Medium Powerhouse. With this colonization brought new additions to the Coup Crusader leadership team, such as Alexandra, Fusion, and LawCorazon. The Coup Crusaders went on to compete in the Beach Brawl tournament, but had certain restrictions placed on them, as they were a colony. This meant that they could not have duel-enlisted troops apart from their high command team. A scandal arose when 3 members of the Ice Warriors were promoted to high command after the tournament had begun, thus disqualifying the Coup Crusaders from the tournament.

Rebranding to Crystal Cowboys (August 2020)

Eventually tensions with the Ice Warriors arose when Toxic Storm decided to ask multiple small medium armies to band together in order to form a major army and overtake the Ice Warriors. With this came the removal of Toxic Storm as a Coup Crusaders leader, the Coup Crusaders separation from the Ice Warriors. With this separation, Coup Crusaders Leader Coolguy announced their rebranding to the Crystal Cowboys. With the rebranding also came the colonization under the Doritos of Club Penguin and introduced new additions to the leadership team. The new leaders included Tyler and Doritos Leader-in-Training, Possum03. Alongside these, JustAsh and Coolguy continued to support the army. The Crystal Cowboys were able to successfully maintain maxes of 5+ during this transition period and host many events.

Closing (November 2020)

Eventually they decided they wanted to gain a larger presence within the CPAH map and inducted more new additions to the leadership team. The new leaders included former leaders and CC Creators, Toxic Storm and Olimad3, former leader, JuicyJames, and outside hire LEGOMAN. With these new leaders at the helm, the Crystal Cowboys were successfully invade Deep Freeze and declare it as their new capital. Crystal Cowboy Leader Toxic Storm then proceeded to schedule an invasion of White House from the Water Ninjas of Club Penguin, the newest Ice Warriors colony at the time. This decision brought much dismay to many members, especially members of the Ice Warriors who were previously invested in the Coup Crusaders. Crystal Cowboys Leader LEGOMAN was not particularly fond of this decision and threatened to leave leadership if they were to go through with the invasion. Alas, his plea was ignored so he had to take matters into his own plastic hands. He waited until the other leaders were sleeping and successfully negotiated a treaty with the Water Ninjas Leader, Dizzy, at 5am EST in the morning. This treaty, entitled the Decree of the Shimmering Tides, prevented the Crystal Cowboys from ever invading the Water Ninjas, and also prevented themselves and their colonizers, the Doritos, to invade any of the Water Ninjas allies. Due to this, the Decree of the Shimmering Tides became a major player in The Eagre Foray conflict between the Special Weapons And Tactics and the Water Vikings. It prevented the Doritos from assisting in invasions of SWAT, successfully nullifying the tail-end of the war. He posted the treaty along with a cancellation of the invasion of White House and a transfer of the current CC Captial, Deep Freeze, to the Rebel Penguin Federation. Minutes later an outraged Coolguy declared all of LEGOMAN's work invalid, however LEGOMAN not only held the rank of leader in the army and was present in the leadership group chat, but he also has screenshots to prove it all. Coolguy declared LEGOMAN's work invalid once again, declaring that he was the Army Representative, so he held more power, but this statement was also shut down by the CPAH Administration team, and Crystal Cowboys advisor, Myth. After long hours of debate, it showed that everything LEGOMAN had done was completely valid, and he was then couped from the Crystal Cowboys. This was not the end of the Cowboys, however, they grew inactive as time went on and were presumed to be dead. Since then, Toxic Storm, Lord Joel and Coolguy alongside many past leaders revamped the Cowboys and remade the Coup Crusaders. However, the idea never came to fruition as they failed to host any events redeeming the army.


  • Holding 6 Pieces of land in the CPAL Map
  • Advancing to the Beach Brawl Semi-Finals
  • Advancing to the Challengers Cup Semi-Finals within only a week of creation
  • Beating the Pizza Federation in their first official event


The First Official CC Event

CC against OMA in the Challengers Cup

CC against PZF in the Challengers Cup Semi-Finals

CC after defacement

CC in a PB against BO

CC Post IW Colonization

Post IW Colonization

CC Post Rebranding