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Crazzy, also known as Crazzyhead and crz, is an 2020 Army Legend, most notable for leading the Rebel Penguin Federation to record sizes and massive tournament victories.


Introduction to Armies

Crazzy was recruited in June of 2019 into Ultipenguinj's era of the Rebel Penguin Federation by Rocket. She was able to quickly rise through the ranks to reach a moderator position in September of 2019. Through recruiting efforts and administrative skills, she was eventually promoted to high command in December 2019. In this time she was able to create the official Rebel Penguin Federation Twitter and lead the well known Strike Force division in training events. On March 31, 2020 she was promoted to Second-In-Command, Crazzy faced the opportunity to lead alongside Cosmo and F6sixer against Help Force in the Semi-Finals of CPAM's Premier League tournament. Crazzy assisted Ultipenguinj in writing the declaration of war against the Army of Club Penguin that sparked World War Rewritten. She led an AUSIA invasion, and was then tasked with leading the defense of the Rebel Penguin Federation's capital, Tuxedo. Following the war and the retirement of Ultipenguinj, Crazzy received the hall of fame rank of Rebel, alongside Elexonck, Rocket and Moon.

Los Facheros Army


Crazzy was able assist her Spanish-speaking affiliate Amelia9543 in a massive conflict against the notoriously nefarious Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Crazzy was able to enlist the likes of Pookie437 and Pjayo to lead alongside herself and Amelia9543. She was able to lead the Los Facheros Army to victory despite having little to no knowledge in the Spanish language, and thus was bestowed the rank of Los Facheros legend.

Promotion to Leadership

On June 3, 2020, Crazzy was bestowed the position of Rebel Commander, directly after the first round of Legends Cup X. She was able to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation to sizes of one-hundred sixty-two against their allies Ice Warriors. This tournament went into a double overtime due to judge complications upon entering the second room. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation was able to claim victory in this intense battle. She then led the Rebel Penguin Federation to ultimate victory in the Legends Cup X against the Help Force.

Formation of Black Ice Alliance

Directly following the Rebel's tournament victory, Crazzy was added into a group chat with leaders of the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, in which they discussed entering the Club Penguin Army Hub. Crazzy was able to craft terms for the armies and representative rules that would later be utilized in CPAH. Following this, the Rebel Penguin Federation hosted Olympics, while the leaders of the Black Ice Alliance prepared to spring into the DCP Coalition War. The Doritos of Club Penguin attempted to hide behind the New Dawn Alliance, provoking the formation of the unbreakable Black Ice Alliance. Crazzy led alongside the other Black Ice Alliance leaders through the futile forces of the New Dawn Alliance, which began disbanding army by army. This led to the Doritos disbanding from the Club Penguin Army Hub league and effectively forfeiting the war. The Rebel Penguin Federation was able to successfully claim the Doritos capital of Summit, on July 18, 2020 under the leadership of Crazzy.

Crusade Against Injustice

Prior Bumble began troopstealing various members of the Rebel Penguin Federation, which understandably upset Crazzy. During this time, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin successfully attempted to force themselves into the Club Penguin Army Hub league. The Templars scheduled an invasion on the Recon Federation's one piece of territory, Yukon. However, Crazzy wanted to invade Yukon herself. She was able to discuss with Templars Creator, Xing, and come to an agreement which allowed for the Rebel Penguin Federation to invade the Recon Federation This led to the Rebel Penguin Federation's brother allies, Lime Green Army, transferring a server to the Recon Federation, which understandably angered Crazzy. Crazzy was then harassed in direct messages by DMT after questioning this choice. This led to Crazzy and Cosmo creating a post to expose the evils within the Recon Federation and unally the Lime Green Army. Amelia9543 was a member of the Lime Green Army high command team and was able to transport inside information from Lime Green Army to Crazzy, regarding server transfers from both Lime Green Army and Pizza Federation. This allowed the Rebel Penguin Penguin to seize victory, and for Crazzy to obtain the rank of Hero on the Rebel Penguin hall of fame.

September Drop Period

Crazzy was able to successfully maintain the Rebel Penguin Federation's number one spot on the top ten throughout the fabled September Drop period. Crazzy was able to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation to sizes of one-hundred and thirty in the Fright or Fight Tournament in October of 2020, and flawlessly beat the Army of Club Penguin. This provoked Silverburg to promote Crazzy and Cosmo to the rank of RPF Icon for obtaining sizes that had never been achieved in the fall season.

Black Seas War

Crazzy was invited to a group chat by Pjayo from the Water Vikings, who attempted to convert the Rebel Penguin Federation to the side of the Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin. Pjayo wanted to turn the Rebel Penguin Federation against its closest allies the Black Ice Alliance, but Crazzy was not in support of the idea. Crazzy was able to lead to peak maxes of eighty-nine in the AUSIA front of the war.

End of Flash Era

Crazzy was able to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation to a max of one-hundred and twenty nine in a final showdown against the formidable Ice Warriors. Gaining the Rebel Penguin Federation its fourth tournament victory for the year of 2020. This allowed Crazzy to be nominated and inducted as a 2020 Club Penguin Army Legend, and receive the title of Person of the Year from the Club Penguin Army Hub league. Crazzy led consistently until January of 2021, where she needed to retire due to unforeseen circumstances, but was bequeathed the coveted title of Rebel Penguin Federation Legend by RPF Creator, Commando717. She currently advises the Rebel Penguin Federation, Templars and administrates Club Penguin Army Headquarters.



  • 2020 Army Legend
  • Rebel Penguin Federation Legend
  • Recipient of CPAH's Person of the Year Award
  • Led RPF to record sizes
  • Voted CPAH's Best Leader Award
  • Held RPF's number one position for 75% of the year 2020
  • Voted CPAH's best advisor
  • Best Allied Leader award in both IW and DW


  • "Shut the f*ck up"
  • "I’m like I can give u advice that’s rly it"