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The Crimson Night Alliance, more commonly known as the CNA, was a short-lived attempt by multiple armies to “regulate the army community” and destroy the New Dawn Alliance. A successor to the New Viking Alliance, it was founded by Sidie9, creator of the People's Imperial Confederation in early November of 2019.

The alliance was prematurely disbanded due to the Army of Club Penguin's strategic declaration of war on the Confederation on the 12th of November, dubbed the "War of Crimson Night", which came as a result of RPF intel provided through their Artic Ops proxy army. The CNA has served as the most recent alliance seeking to dismantle ACP 'hegemony'.

Despite the official dissolution of the alliance, surviving members of the group retained close relations. The alliance's goals ultimately remained unresolved.


The Crimson Night Alliance first formed after fears of Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation dominance. PIC approached the Recon Federation to form the alliance, with many armies following suit.

Alliance affiliates

Notable figureheads


Lord Pain calling for CNA to ”regulate the army community” and form an supreme government.