Cryptic Spies

The Cryptic Spies were an army in CPR, lasting from April to August 2017.


One day in early April 2017, Zeke was recruiting for the UMA. He saw Movamp on CPR. They started to get in a conversation in which Movamp was wanting to make an army. Zeke encouraged him to, so Movamp joined the UMA and created the CS, but they weren't called the CS at the time, they were the CPR Cryptic Spy Agencies. Later they were renamed the CPR Cryptic Spies. In their first event the CS maxed impressive sizes of 7+ being led by Movamp. Unfortunately, things turned for the CS and they died of inactivity. They went inactive for almost a month until May 6th, which they maxed sizes of 3. In their third event the next day they maxed 6 and things were looking good for the Spies. At this point, Movamp decided to hire a new leader, Wolfalb. They Spies soon declared war on the Green Jackhammers after which Zeke's UMA battled them. The UMA maxed 11 in the event where the GJH maxed 3. The Spies would go onto max sizes of 4-6 at events and then declared war on the PEW as the UMA had. The CS died again on May 24th, but then were re-opened by Movamp on the 28th. They tried to have events but couldn't, and the Spies died yet again and didn't come back until June 22nd. They'd max good sizes until the 29th when they died again. A death announcement wasn't made until August 28th, 2017, after the Barbarians died. The CS have remained dead since.


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