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The DCP Coalition War, also known as the Orange Offensive, was a very brief war between the Doritos of Club Penguin and the Black Ice Alliance. It lasted from the 15th July 2020 to the 18th July 2020 and came out as a victory for the Black Ice Alliance.

Day one

The war started with the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors all declaring war on the Doritos of Club Penguin simultaneously.

Day two

This day concluded with three losses to DCP. The invasions of Snowy River (by DW), Chinook (by RPF) and Rocky Road (by IW). As all three were at the same time, DCP defended Rocky Road against the Ice Warriors.

The invasion of Snowy River (which was by the Dark warriors) managed to reach sizes of 45+ troops and were met with no opposition by the Doritos. Much like the Rebel Penguin Federations invasion of Chinook which reached sizes of 110+ troops. Both went smoothly and the servers were captured in the 10 minutes.

Results for the Rocky Road invasion

The invasion of Rocky Road, however, had a battle between the Ice Warriors and the Doritos of Club Penguin, lasting 40 minutes. The Ice Warriors managed to reach sizes of 90+ troops while the Doritos reached 40+ troops. The battle was originally announced as an DCP-IW-TIE-IW. However, after more judgement, it was ruled that this overtime room was unnecessary and that "IW were the true winners of rooms one and three". This brought the resullts to IW-IW-IW, causing DCP to have lost all 3 battles.

Towards the end of the 16th, DCP announced that they were leaving the CPAH. Originally, they were looking to shut down entirely, but had second thoughts due to the support their "final" event got. As a declaration of independence however, they are isolating themselves from the CPAH league and focusing on their own community. As a result of this, all of DCP’s remaining servers became free land on the map.

Many of the armies in the NDA (New Dawn Alliance) also withdrew on this day, most significantly being ACP's departure. The Elites and the Army of the Orient Sea also withdrew from the NDA.

Day three

On July 17th there was an RPF invasion of Frosty which reached sizes of 70+ troops. DCP did not show up again meaning RPF won by default.

Later this day, there was the announcement of the Black Ice Alliance or BIA which was the RPF, DW and IW combined. They would later hold a invasion together.

Day four

After the announcement of BIA, they held an invasion led on the BIA discord server of DCP's capital Summit. BIA maxed sizes of 150+ troops on their first and only invasion at the moment. DCP did not show up yet again meaning a BIA victory by default.

With this the war drew to a close, DCP had been defeated and all their land had been taken by BIA.