Dagyr3 is a newer face in CPA, having experience within the Templars and being a founder of the Winged Hussars.


Dagyr3 is a Penguin from 2018 who started his experience in Templars on 26th October as a lieutenant.

Then, he started spying on Kernemos (enemy at that time) with Something. He started going up through ranks and would go on to become a leader of Templars / Successor of Xing. After xing "retired" he was gone for about a week and made Dagyr3 and got mad when Dagyr3 didn't make an event because he asked people and everyone had school. After he came back, he and the other four leaders decided that xIng was corrupt and they made a new army called the Winged Hussars.

Winged Hussars

Dagyr3 became a leader alongside Shinzo, CarterSnork (BolinoyS), Ripmam, Phil on the 6th January 2019. During that time they would reach about 10 members on CPO army league because of the Templar Exodus which turned Templars against Xing (one reason being Xing bullying him). After that on the 25th January, they were defaced Sec / Larden. Then, he helped with the departure from the army league and moved on to CPR. Dagyr3 finally resigned and was replaced by one of his great friends, Wolfy.

The Royals

The Royals was an early CPRC army named #teamlasagna which then became Wheat army ending as The Royals. Leadership was given to Dagyr3 for a short period of time while he was leading Winged Hussar because the army leader Billie resigned and since he was active was given leader. After he resigned in The Royals he gave leadership to Jwillins/Jackers.

Club Penguin Armies Syndicate

Around the time the CPA Syndicate was formed, Dagyr3 was watching a Winged Hussars practice battle against PZF and ended up judging alongside Hexxor. After he ended up judging he wanted to do it more often and asked Cobra if he could join the team and was accepted. He worked as part of the syndicate for many months, up to it's closure.


Approximately around April 2019, Dagyr entered a phase of inactivity due to technical problems. He is still in contact with CPA and hopes to make a return someday soon.

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