The Dancing Shark Squad is an army based in Club Penguin Online, formed on the 16th of July 2018.

Origin of the Dancing Shark Squad


On the 8th of July 2018 PizzaStefan, GucciMask and Hammi formed 'The Shark Army'.Then on the 9th of July Dolphin (zozoyo3) and BobRoss made the 'Dancing Sharks'. This created a small conflict between the two teams, arguing about who was the real army and who created theirs first. The conflict started between 'The Sharks' and 'Dancing sharks' on the 9th of July when Hammi assumed the 'Dancing Sharks' were apart of 'The Shark army'.Hammi tried to get them to join 'The Sharks' discord but the 'Dancing Sharks' decided to stay with their own.

Soon GucciMask and Dolphin(zozoyo3) decided that to become a stronger army their armies must become one. And so the Shark Alliance was made and the name 'Dancing Shark Squad' was adopted as their main title on the 13th of July, 2018

Shark squad

Participation in the CPO Army League: Legends Cup 2018

The DSS (Dancing Shark Squad) was to go to compete in the CPO Army League: Legends Cup 2018 against the Pizza Boi Rebellion.That day the DSS became victorious and were to move onto the next round, when they would compete against the Underground Mafia on the 22nd of July 2018. When the second round came, the DSS won by default because the UMA (underground mafia army) was disqualified and the army was banned all together. Their next round was on the 29th of July, and they would be up against the ETA (elite trackers and activities).

Apparent Disbandment

The army suddenly stopped functioning in August 2018 as the leader quit. Since, the army has become inactive, although their discord server still exists, albeit abandoned. Research is underway to find out what happened.


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