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Dark Vikings (formerly known as Saber Squids) is a S/M army created by Krosive and Alucard in early 2020.

Under the name Saber Squids, the army was originally created for nameglows on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, but due to lack of experience, the army shut down. The army remained closed until late 2021 when Krosive pitched the idea of reviving the army again. Under the name Dark Vikings, it was revived under the leadership of Krosive, Alucard, and eventually EpicWhy after the Strikers of Club Penguin merged. Dark Vikings started an alliance with Trojans, PIC, Templars, and ECP titled the Red Dawn Alliance. Shortly after, ECP shut down and Pink_Cloud_8 joined Dark Vikings as a leader.

Dark Vikings Leader (2020 - Present)

  • Krosive, DV Creator and 1st Leader
  • Alucard, DV Creator and 2nd Leader
  • TrapAnt, DV Creator and 3rd Leader
  • Epicxvr101, 4th DV Leader
  • Pink_Cloud_8, 5th DV Leader