Dark Warriors Banner
Full Name Dark Warriors
Founded September, 2007
Rank Major army
Government Unknown
Size 100+
Famed For Rising up from the dead (and burning the light since 07).

Dark Warriors History

The Dark Warriors are a very old army that have been around for quite a long time. It was created by Ambrosha in September 2007, and since then they have had their rises and falls. At one point they changed not only their name, but the entire army, to become the legendary Golds army. This worked out for a while, as they became one of the strongest CP armies. As time went by, the Golds leaders started to miss the Dark Warriors legacy, so they decided to go back to the DW again, which was a complete success as they became even larger and stronger. With time, the leaders started to retire, and the DW started to die off. This generation will always be remembered by some great troops such as Ambrosha, Elite 910, Hammerzboy, 123antonov and more.

Later on, in 2010, the DW came back with some legendary soldiers becoming their new leaders, such as Feephill, Donut6780, Circa, Khimo and more, and the DW once again broke through their own limits and started to rival the number one army at the time, the ACP. They stayed in the top 3 for quite some time, but again, as the leaders retired, the DW started to once again die off, and officially was dead.

Time went by, and the DW was forgotten. It was not until the return of Khimo and Circa to Club Penguin Armies that the DW once again held power in their hands. Under their leadership, the DW became strong enough to finally beat the ACP, thus becoming the best army at that time. The DW has frankly had more falls than rises, but they constantly seem to rise from the dead to shock other CP armies and the CP army community.


2014 had a difficult start for the Dark Warriors. Despite the glittering Spreezie duo disbanding, Freezie66 remained kingpin of the Dark Warriors. However, Freezie66 couped Pufpuf103 in which many people disagreed with, and thus Freezie66 began to be hated in the community. This led the army to countless controversy and scandals throughout the opening months of 2014. It was clear Freezie66 was out of his prime and no longer the leader he was in 2013. However, a whole new Dark Warriors never seen before was invented. This is known as the revolution. Dark Warriors undergone transition for about a month, but by the time of June, Dark Warriors were at their best. Dark Warriors have been ranked first for the whole summer and destroyed many armies such as the Doritos, the RPF, the Light Troops, etc. DW Summer 2014 will truly be unforgotten.


Although he joined a bit later than most legends did, Xxtoysoldier is a well-known army leader, and especially became known for his leadership in the Doritos of Club Penguin. Following a fight between himself and the leaders, he joined DW in April 2014 for the rank of leader. He helped the Dark Warriors grow with his recruiting skills. However, in May, XxToysoldier had to retire from the army due to personal reasons. In a surprising turn of events, XxToysoldier and Vo Yo, the New DW Agents, came back to the army as leaders, due to the Dark Warriors lacking in troop count, and brought them back to even greater heights. Alongside with Vo Yo, he got DW to sizes of 100+ during DW Summer 2014 which was DW’s Second Golden Age. He will forever be remembered for the many qualities he possesses: Dedicated, hard-working and great leadership and recruiting skills.  great help in DW; whether it’s his recruiting, leadership, or dedication skills. He is arguably one of the best DW leaders in history.

Vo Yo

Although he joined later than most Legends, Vo Yo should definitely be remembered as something special. He is one of the only Club Penguin recruits to become an Army Leader, which shows that ANYBODY, if they dedicate enough time and show loyalty and self-confidence, can do whatever they want and accomplish all of their goals. Vo Yo is known for joining RPF under Elmikey’s leadership, but after being declined numerous requests from the RPF leaders as an attempt to make the army better, he then decided to retire from RPF and join DW due to a friend of his being in the army. He has helped DW lots and is praised for his great recruiting and leadership skills. He lead DW to sizes of 100+, which only has been achieved by a few people (including another legend of Dark Warriors).  He is GREATLY appreciated for his time in DW, and time can only tell what he will do next. He will be unforgotten due to his great help in DW; whether it’s his recruiting, leadership, or dedication skills. He is arguably one of the best DW leaders in history. 

By Devil Blood

Dark Warriors' Past And Present Leaders

  • Ambrosha//Steve - Creator of the Dark Warriors
  • Elite 910//Patrick - Creator of the Dark Warriors
  • 123Antonov//Anton
  • Fallen//Dream Golds
  • SaW//Feephill
  • Jack//Donut6780
  • Pufpuf103//Matt
  • Khimo98
  • BidNow//Broken
  • Flo
  • Circa//Krypt
  • Hammerzboy//Liam
  • TheKid18
  • Crazy
  • Phipy
  • Zayn
  • Apple
  • Sub
  • Ganger90
  • Unknown
  • Spi101'
  • Debbie
  • Andrew24
  • Freezie66
  • Elmikey
  • Ana//Jujuflower
  • Ttycool
  • xxToySoldier
  • Vo Yo
  • Silverburg
  • Badboy00923
  • Sidie
  • BMX
  • Clade?
  • Kyle104 (They forgot me)

Current Leaders

  • Freezie66
  • Pufpuf103
  • Badboy00923
  • Sidie (AUS Leader)

Dark Warriors Uniform

Currently Dark Warriors members can wear any black clothing they have. They are told to be as creative as they want. Common items are the Black Hoodie, Black Sunglasses, Pirate bandana and the Black Electric Guitar.

Dark Warriors Ranks

The Ranks are as followed from Private to Leader.


  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Gunnery Sergeant
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Colonel


  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major


  • Warlord
  • Second in Command

Main Owners

  • Leader

Dark Warriors HQ

The Dark Warriors HQ is held on an Xat Chat Box. On this chat box certain people can give out orders to lower ranks, or anyone can just hangout or chill there when there is no battle or training.

Dark Warriors Application

To join the Dark Warriors, new recruits must fill out an application and submit it.

The questions are as follows:

  1. Club Penguin Name
  2. Have you ever been in a Club Penguin Army, if so which and what rank?
  3. Will you use the DW chat box during events for orders?
  4. Will you attend the upcoming battles? (Check the website for the next one)
  5. Which branch do you choose? Marines, Airforce or Navy?
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