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Dark Warriors CP have been reopened on Club Penguin Online.


The Dark Warriors CP Army was created by Ambrosha/Steve in early 2007. The tagline of Dark Warriors since then has been "We burn the light"

Dark Warriors Army since it's creation has grown to be a very known and legendary army. Many of it's leaders and troops are also counted as Club Penguin Army Legends.

The army stopped functioning then xXToysolider decided to turn the armys' website into that of Night Warriors CP.

Dark Warriors have had many known leaders like Elmikey, Khimo, xiUnknown, SaW, Abmbrosha and Silverburg.

Dark Warriors' Past And Present Leaders

  • Ambrosha//Steve - Creator of the Dark Warriors
  • Elite 910//Patrick - Creator of the Dark Warriors
  • 123Antonov//Anton
  • Fallen//Dream Golds
  • SaW//Feephill
  • Jack//Donut6780
  • Pufpuf103//Matt
  • Khimo98
  • BidNow//Broken
  • Flo
  • Circa//Krypt
  • Hammerzboy//Liam
  • TheKid18
  • Crazy
  • Phipy
  • Zayn
  • Apple
  • Sub
  • Ganger90
  • Unknown
  • Spi101'
  • Debbie
  • Andrew24
  • Freezie66
  • Elmikey
  • Ana//Jujuflower
  • Ttycool
  • xxToySoldier
  • Vo Yo
  • Silverburg
  • Badboy00923
  • Sidie
  • BMX
  • Clade?
  • Kyle104 (They forgot me)

Current Leaders

  • Freezie66
  • Pufpuf103
  • Badboy00923
  • Sidie (AUS Leader)

Dark Warriors Uniform

Currently Dark Warriors members can wear any black clothing they have. They are told to be as creative as they want. Common items are the Black Hoodie, Black Sunglasses, Pirate bandana and the Black Electric Guitar.

Dark Warriors Ranks

The Ranks are as followed from Private to Leader.


  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Gunnery Sergeant
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Colonel


  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major


  • Warlord
  • Second in Command

Main Owners

  • Leader

Dark Warriors Application

To join the Dark Warriors, new recruits must fill out an application and submit it.

The questions are as follows:

  1. Club Penguin Name
  2. Have you ever been in a Club Penguin Army, if so which and what rank?
  3. Will you use the DW chat box during events for orders?
  4. Will you attend the upcoming battles? (Check the website for the next one)
  5. Which branch do you choose? Marines, Airforce or Navy?
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