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Dillon, also referred to as Ehroyals81, Ehroyals, EH, Bret, Bert, and Brethart222, is a retired S/M army legend, Underground Mafias Army legend, and former UMA leader. He is the one of the three people to achieve UMA legend in it's CPPS era alongside Cobra and Games. He is credited with being one of the founders of CPPS armies, as well as reaching sizes to 25 on Club Penguin Rewritten under UMA, which would get him 2017 S/M legend in 2020.


Dillon began his career in 2012 and was active for 5 years before retiring and then returning for another year.

Early career (2012 - 2017)

Dillon began his army career in 2012, joining the Light Troops. He stood loyal to the Light Troops for those several years, achieving second-in-command by the end.

Career in UMA (2017 - 2018)

Dillon would go onto revive the Underground Mafias Army alongside Zeke with permission from Eyes512, Bam, and others on March 28th, 2017, with it using the new Club Penguin Rewritten, rather than Club Penguin, making it the first CPPS era army. During this period, UMA managed to peak at sizes into the 20s before reaching an all-time low by October 2017, where he would go onto revive the Romans with permission from Djgtjvgyhxgy. He would merge UMA into the army and would become a Romans leader, but was soon banished from the army due to reviving UMA behind Dj's back.

Return to UMA (November - December 2017)

From there, Dillon would return to UMA alongside Games and Zeke/Fudge, as well as others. UMA did not reach any peaks during this time, due to armies reaching an all-time low. He would be one of the founders of the UMADKE brother alliance that saw service in the War of Roman Subjugation.

UMA's civil war (January 2018)

Main Article: UMA Civil War of 2018

After the War Against Ehroyals (an attempt to dethrone him from UMA due to being a "dictator") ended, the victors, the New Viking Alliance supported an attempted coup against Dillon, initiated by Mason Cooper, a UMA second-in-command. However, this would cause a civil war between the two factions: the Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army (led by Dillon) and the New Underground Mafias Army (led by Mason). The war would result in the reunification of the army.

Final stretch of career (February 2018 - July 2018)

Dillon would go onto be one of the leaders of UMA during it's success as a S/M army during February 2018. He would assist in leading the UMA in the UMA-Romans War. However, UMA would close in late February. Dillon returned in June 2018 to lead the UMA once again, reaching sizes peaked at 25 on CPO, before the army was banned and then closed once again. Due to his accomplishments of 2017, he was inducted as a S/M legend for that year in September 2020.

Honorary Titles and Achievements

  • UMA Legend
  • 2017 Club Penguin Army S/M Legend