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Djgtjvgyhxgy, often referred to as Dj, is a retired army leader. He is a Roman legend, which he was inducted in 2009, due to founding the modern army in 2007, after uniting three Roman clans remnant of World War II. He has also served in the RPF as the leader of the Navy branch and has served in the Army of Club Penguin. He has the honorary title of "RPF Hero."


Djgtjvgyhxgy first joined Club Penguin in 2005. It is suggested that he was an active player, even during armies. His career is estimated to have started in 2006, making him one of the oldest army members that was still involved with the community in 2017.

2006 and early career

Color Wars

It has been suggested that Djgtjvgyhxgy has at one point served in a color clan during the outbreak of World War I. It is unknown which side of the color clans he fought in.

2006 Romans

After World War I began to die down, he appeared to still be involved in the early army community. It is said that he joined the Romans in it's fall 2006 revival as an organized clan. It is suggested that he served in the turning point battle in 2006 against the Army of Club Penguin. He continued to serve in the Romans for the following months.

2007 and later career

Unification of the Roman clans (2007)

In 2007, the Roman clan(s) continued to exist, but split up into smaller clans following the conclusion of World War II. This came to an end when Djgtjvgyhxgy rose up to unify the clans. He was the leader of the Iceberg Roman clan - one of the few remnant clans of World War II. He took this clan and merged it with the Mammoth Romans and Tundra Romans. After forming a unified communication, he was able to properly unite the Romans under one rule. This newly unified Roman army was quite unorganized within the ranks, however.

Post-unification (2007 - 2017)

Dj continued to exist in the army community, having served in RPF and ACP. He became the RPF Navy branch leader. He went down as a notable RPF troop, gaining the title of "RPF Hero", the second to lowest tier of the RPF legends list. In 2009, he was declared a Roman legend. He pretended to be the Roman clan founder - Explorer7777, in 2012. He eventually retired formally in 2013. Dj remained on and off in the community. In more recent times, he helped revive the Romans in October 2017 on Club Penguin Rewritten, 11 years after the original unification of the Roman clans. He remained as the head advisor until he left in December 2017 and has not returned since.


  • RPF Hero
  • Romans Legend (Disputed)
  • CP Army Major Legend (Revoked)


Dj’s uniform from when he was in the RPF, 2009.