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Dman64w is a CP Army member known leading the Elite Forces of Club Penguin and the Secret Service. He currently serves as Second in Command for Silver Empire, and Editor for the Club Penguin Army Network.

He is also an administrator for Flippr 2022.

Army History

Introduction to Armies

Dman was introduced to armies in April of 2020, after becoming attracted to Epic101's mass spam of invites to the Pirates, promising coin giveaways. Naturally this interested him as it was an easy method for him to obtain coins that could be used as he continued to work his way through the various game leaderboards found on Club Penguin Online.

Creation of SZAL

Due to personal reasons, Dman had taken a break from armies after his first week in the Pirates, only to return after being provided with an opportunity to find an alternative to in-game and DM recruiting for armies who wished to use Flippr. After approaching CP Army Media, and with the assistance of Kyle and TD999 (then Monstah), he was able to transform this alternative into what was then known as SubZero Army League.


Dman's experience in armies would not be complete unless he led an army himself. His first attempt at creating an army, The Biscuits, was not exactly successful - leading to its merge into Monstah's Elite Forces of CP where Dman was able to lead the army to great heights, granting him with the status of Elite Forces Legend. A year later, Dman found himself leading the Secret Service through the Legends Cup XI, where they were able to defeat the Special Weapons and Tactics in the qualifying round.

Silver Empire

Due to the September drop, Elite Forces was forced to close and merge into Silver Empire - their closest allies. Dman would be the only staff member who would migrate with the army, allowing him to obtain the role of Grand Brigadier in Silver Empire. He would gradually rank up to Grand General in Silver Empire, under the leadership of Amber until May 2021 - where he stepped down to take a short break from armies. He later returned to this position in September 2021, and remains in Silver Empire to this date.

Secret Service

Some time after stepping down from Silver Empire, Dman decided that he would join TD999 in reviving Secret Service as a leader. On July 3rd, he led Secret Service to their highest recorded max of this generation at 19, and would continue to serve as their leader through Legends Cup XI and Challenger's Cup. Dman departed from Secret Service following it's closure in September 2021, and returned to Silver Empire as HCOM.