Do-Imperialism (Doy-Imperialism), is the Political and Religious Philosophy of the progression and control. The religion and the political are very similar.


The political side of Do-Imperialism normally originates from the anti-RPF's, Neocoetism. Do-Imperialism has serious of dictatorial power to represent the one of the men and community. This power is accomplished through fear and power. Do-Imperialism gives little power to nobody else but to the true Sovereign Leader. Do-Imperialism also has "Leaders" meanwhile the true Sovereign is in control. The power given to the high command is also low. They have the power to pitch ideas and create smaller orders but cannot do as much. Do-Imperialism, also can only be executed by a true Imperialist person. Do-Imperialism also carries on wisdom of teachers. Do-Imperialism also makes no compromise. Normally, a Do-Imperialist Army/Nation will have a series of intoleration. This means they will lay down cruel discipline to teach their men to do right. However, Do-Imperialism is still in the works in new ideologies and philosophies. It will continue forth.


Following the Religion, their belief is similar to the political. Except they follow the all-leader. The all-leader is the one who represents the Imperialist-Dictatorship of the Do-Imperialism. The belief of the all-leader is the past leaders of great armies with harsh laws. They are the equivalent to Gods and they will follow their path to accomplish something.

Ranks of Power

They have ranks of power in event there is more than one "leader"

Sovereign Leader - #1

Head of the Empire - #2

Grand Emperor - #3

Emperor - #4

High-Commander - #5

Grand Commander - #6

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