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DrMatt was a prominent army leader in various major armies including the Light Troops, Blue Miners Army, Night Rebels, Ice Warriors, and Water Vikings. DrMatt is famous for his success through the power of recruiting and money, but has also proved others wrong that he can be successful without money. Despite the doubts and intense hate he faced, he proved a lot of people wrong and worked hard to rise through the ranks of various different armies.


In March of 2011, DrMatt was recruited into the Light Troops by Ioioluk4 off from a Mascot Tracking chat. He was an active troop in the army until a temporary leave occurred for a few months between December 2011 - March 2012. He then earned his way through the ranks and became known as a trusted and loyal owner during Ioioluks Leadership. He was there for important wars within the army such against armies such as DW, ACP, and AR. He first became leader alongside Supra and Jose during the war against HSA in 2013. He was there until the retirement of Ioioluk4 which eventually led to the Light Troops shutting down in July 2013.

Leading the Light Troops

During the summer of 2014, The Light Troops had a huge rise in numbers and became one of the biggest armies of that summer. They had notable wars and tensions against such armies as DW, IW and ACP. DrMatt led alongside, Roberto and Waterkid101 and they defeated every army in their way. DrMatt played a key part in the success and the rise of the army with his role of recruiting and providing advertisements for the army on certain cp blogging websites. He was even able to have a partnership with popular CPPS at the time

Soon, DrMatt had began to prove others wrong when he landed the Light Troops 3rd on CPACs Top Ten. The army started seeing more consistent sizes of over 25+ throughout the month of April 2015. In May he led alongside Waterkid101 against RPF as they declared war. Though the Light Troops were growing and winning the war, Tensions rose between Waterkid101 and DrMatt. This led to the idea of a half serious rebellion against the Light Troops. DrMatt and a few other owners had left the army due to Waterkid's toxic and abusive ways. DrMatt had gotten permission granted from Ioioluk4 to recreate and revive the Blue Miners Army.

Leading the Blue Miners Army

The beginning of the revival of the Blue Miners started out strong with there first comeback event hitting sizes of 25+ and making 8th on CPAC within it's first week. Though they had a strong start, the army struggled with continuing to grow. This led to a shutdown a few weeks after the BMA's revival.

However, in July 2015 The Blue Miners Army was revived by DrMatt once again with the leadership of Konrad, Dr Flen, Aaronstone42 and Aquabluejet. The army had struggled within it's reopening to see consistent sizes with sizes of 10-15+ but that all changed in August. The recruiting method changed, lines were being made and the ownership began to work as hard as ever to grow the army. DrMatt was determined to make the army work and see it rise. DrMatt, decided to reach out to popular YouTuber CPWorld and to much of surprise, he was able to get CP world to make video about CP armies with the Blue Miners Army as the selected army in the video. This video left a big impact on the community and the Blue Miners Army.

The Blue Miners Army began to see a rise in sizes. They started hitting 25+ consistently during events and re-entering 9th on CPAC's top ten. Recruiting was working and the energy in the army was at an all time high. One of DrMatt's achievements was during the 2015 Legends Cup, the Blue Miners Army hit sizes unlike ever before with up to sizes of 50+. Consistently beating army after army they were able to take down the well known Doritos who were at the peak of their multilogging and hitting sizes up to 100+ at the time twice. The original match between both armies became invalid after someone under the suspicion from DCP was using a bot script. Unfortunately during the semi finals, BMA had been defeated by WV who went on to the finals. After losing out in the Legends Cup the Blue Miners Army was still a strong force and hit Top 5 on the Top Ten of CPAC.

Though the Blue Miners Army saw a surge of success throughout the summer. Certain lines became blocked on Club Penguin and recruiting was becoming much harder. DrMatt knew that the closure of the Blue Miners Army was near. On September 5th, 2015, DrMatt announced the official closure of the Blue Miners Army. Though the army was short lasted, DrMatt had managed to make a name for himself and the BMA.

Return to Leading the Light Troops

After the closure of the Blue Miners Army, DrMatt had found himself returning to the Light Troops to solo lead once more. He wanted others to know that he didn't need advertisements to lead an army successfully. He was able to efficiently recruit members through auto typing and bot recruiting. In October, he reopened the Light Troops under his own leadership naming it "The Titan Era." The return event was extremely successful with the Light Troops averaging up to sizes of 50+.They ended up placing 3rd on CPAC within there first week of revival.

Though the Light Troops had just returned, tensions between the Light Troops and the RPF were rising. DrMatt would eventually issue a declaration of war against the RPF. After few battles, the Light Troops were successfully defeating the RPF in combat. This led to a treaty between both armies being made and resulted in the surrender of the RPF. Soon after, the Light Troops had declared war on the Doritos of CP. Tensions between DrMatt and Mustapha were already high due to the conflicts between BMA and DCP during the summer. The Light Troops had managed to successfully invade all of the Doritos' servers with high sizes averaging 40+. This soon led to DrMatt declaring victory over the DCP.

Soon after, the Light Troops found themselves declaring war on SWAT. Though they declared war, a treaty was quick to be made between both armies. In early November, DrMatt unfortunately had to step down and take a temporary leave due to an illness in the family. Though the army could have remained opened and successful, Waterkid stepped in to shutdown the army due to unstable leadership and DrMatt's recent absence. The Titan Era was deemed successful with LT achieving sizes of up to 60+. After a few weeks on a temporary leave, DrMatt returned to the community joining the leadership of the Water Vikings. Though his stay was short-lasting, he left on good terms with the army. He would lead the army to sizes of up to 40+ along with the other leaders in the Water Vikings leadership.

Return to Ice Warriors and Leading Ice Warriors

After being apart of the Ice Warriors in the past as a 3ic, DrMatt rejoined the Ice Warriors as Leader in the end of May 2016 along with Andrew24 and his crew. Within the first week of being leader, DrMatt was able to help bring sizes of 30+ to the Ice Warriors as well as achieving 1st in CPAC. His skills as an army veteran was a great help with recruiting and interacting with troops.

Leading the Night Rebels

As the last few months of armies on the Original Club Penguin were taking place, DrMatt had joined the Night Rebels in mid October of 2016. He led alongside with a few other leaders. During his time with the Night Rebels, he was able to achieve sizes up to 30+ and was a key figure in the armies success. He was able to help them reach 1st on CPAC and keep them within the Top 5. He was able to maintain sizes consistently over 20+ and was great with recruiting troops. He was inducted into the NR Hall of Fame for his work within the army.

Time with CPAC

DrMatt was apart of CPAC staff from 2015-2016 as Editor in Chief. One of his most notable pieces was the "Roblox Concept" - a theory which explained a successful transition to Roblox if armies were to die out on Club Penguin. The theory never gained much traction or recognition.