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DrQueen is a current active member of armies, joining as a new generation recruit and reaching such carrier heights as Water Ninjas and Ice Warriors Champion status. She currently resides as a Leader-In-Training in the Ice Warriors.


Introduction to Armies (2020)

DrQueen was an avid player of Club Penguin Online, and was eventually recruited into the Doritos of Club Penguin in May of 2020. She was quick to learn the ropes of armies, becoming increasingly active in the Doritos. However, after two weeks of service in the Doritos, she departed in favor of joining the Ice Warriors on May 26, 2020.

Ice Warriors Beginnings (2020)

DrQueen was eager to immerse herself in the community of the Ice Warriors, and swiftly made herself a name through her friendly and nurturing disposition. She would avidly attend events, which allowed her to sail through the member ranks, until she was eventually promoted to staff on August 23, 2020. In her tenure as staff, she was able to meet many influential community members, such as IceQueen1020, Kally, THE SHADOW, and LEGOMAN, the latter being a Staff-In-Training only one week after her. DrQueen was also highly involved in numerous staff activities, being regarded highly for her exceptional recruiting talents and overall activity and devotion within the army.

Water Ninjas Career (2020)

Amidst this time, the Ice Warriors had decided to announce a brand new colony, a revival of the historic Water Ninjas army. DrQueen was enthralled by the history of this army and was quick to step up and involve herself in the revival process. She officially joined the Water Ninjas on September 6, 2020, and was quickly promoted to the position of Third-In-Command within the Water Ninjas on October 4, 2020. Two weeks after her promotion to high command, she was bestowed the coveted rank of Supreme Water Sensei alongside Freedomist. She was able to lead alongside the likes of Kally, Freedomist and IceQueen1020 to exponentially increase the max of the Water Ninjas, propelling it to major army status. This combined leadership was able to maintain positions on the Club Penguin Army Hub Major Top Ten for the lifetime of the army. DrQueen was heavily involved in leading the Water Ninjas victoriously into combat, where they beat out the likes of the Golden Troops, Red Ravagers, Island Invaders, and even the major army, Water Vikings. This domination struck the community by such force that armies seldom wanted to participate in battles against the Water Ninjas, in order to avoid being massacred on the battlefield. During this time, DrQueen was able to surpass the previous max record of the Water Ninjas, which had remained untouched for five years and was previously held by Orange. She surpassed this record of thirty-seven penguins in a massive battle against the Water Vikings, where the Water Ninjas reached a whopping forty-two penguins online on December 18, 2020. Following this incredible feat of glory, she was inducted into the Water Ninjas Hall-Of-Fame, which she largely helped remaster, as a Water Ninjas Champion. DrQueen once again led the Water Ninjas to break their newly-set size record, by maxing a magnificent forty-eight penguins in their end of flash celebration on December 31, 2020. This cemented her as an extremely formidable leader, as shown by breaking the max record twice in one single month.

Ice Warriors Career (2020-2021)

During her tenure as Water Ninjas Supreme Water Sensei, DrQueen was still working hard to grow and better the Ice Warriors. She quickly gained a reputation for her iconic voice chat leading during events, and was considered a favorite by troops. She excelled through the staff hagiarchy and was even able to skip a staff rank entirely amidst her climb, a feat which few have accomplished. On November 26, 2020, DrQueen was promoted to Third-In-Command within the Ice Warriors. With this promotion came the responsibility of commanding the Ice Warriors subdivision, Polar, which she executed masterfully. DrQueen was able to consistently led the Polar division to triumph over the Blizzard division. Following the discontinuation of Adobe Flash, the Ice Warriors briefly shut down and DrQueen was bestowed the rank of Ice Warriors Veteran. However, despite the transition to a gaming server, DrQueen's activity and dedication did not falter. She continued recruiting, mentoring and engaging in other administrative tasks behind the scene. Due to this, DrQueen was promoted to the position of Second-In-Command, alongside Charizard Rules on January 10, 2021. This promotion served as a way for DrQueen to use her talents to benefit the Ice Warriors even more, as her activity skyrocketed after said promotion ensued. DrQueen spend countless days doing so much behind the scenes work for the Ice Warriors and her dedication never faltered. As a result of this, DrQueen was promoted to Leader-In-Training on April 5, 2021. Following this promotion, she hosted many game nights to engage new troops, and still proved to be one of the people that make up such an integral part of the Ice Warriors army. For her unwavering dedication, she was bestowed the grand title of Ice Warriors Champion upon the Ice Warriors Hall-Of-Fame, to forever commemorate her great contributions to the army. This title was bequeathed to her on June 8, 2021 alongside the Best VC Leader award, an award which compiled the votes of the Ice Warriors community. On September 4, 2021, DrQueen was promoted to Leader. Her operations and dedication within the Ice Warriors continue to the present, as well as her service within the army as Leader.


  • Water Ninjas Champion Status
  • Ice Warriors Champion Status
  • Led the Water Ninjas to Major Army Status
  • Broke the Water Ninjas Max record twice in a single month