Eden is a CPA Veteran who joined armies under many names. She joined Ice Warriors in 2008 which was her first army. She then joined Light Troops in 2010 under the leadership of Ioioluk, where she was taught many principles. Loyalty for example. She then went on to join a few small armies in 2012 and 2013 like Elemental Ninjas, Night Crawler Ninjas and Shadow Mafias. She even created one of her own armies, TWW. In 2014, Eden became a LGA Legend and there she found the Water Ninjas by LGA merging into them, leading her to becoming a loyal troop for the army which earned her respect and at some point, UK Leader. Eden then left cpa after Water Ninjas had closed and later joined the Soda Pop Army who was led by Tony. Eden was loyal in SPA but not as loyal as she was in WN as she started to get bored of doing events everyday as her life was moving on to bigger things. Eden took a gap year in 2015 and later returned in 2016 when she was recruited off of ACP by Antonio, leader of Golds. Golds reminded Eden of his family at Water Ninjas. She made a new family with Golds and showed how much she cared about the army, which gave her the potential of being a leader. Eden got the offer to lead Golds, but she declined it because she believed she required more training. Eden then stayed in Golds until of the unfortunate end of the army. Eden was there in the final hours of cpa and cp, but had already made preparations for the future armies which were built in CPPS Communities.


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