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Epic101 is a Club Penguin Army Legend most notable for being the recreator of the Club Penguin Pirates, Head of Board & Founder of the Club Penguin Online Army League and an administrator on Club Penguin Online. He is recognized for the resurrection of Club Penguin Armies between 2018-2020 and is also one of the main reasons why Armies entered their greatest Golden Age between 2019-2020. At the same time, led the Pirates to sizes of 193+, the highest in Army History.

Early History

Initial CP Career (2008-2010)

Epic began playing Club Penguin in the year of 2008. He had many names for his penguins however, the most notable would be "EpicMaster" and was an active young member of the community his preferred games at the time were Cart Surfer & the Pizza ting, little did he know he would one day become one of the most influential members of the Club Penguin & Army Community.

Introduction to Armies (2010)

Epic's introduction to armies was not through the Club Penguin game itself but a XAT group which tracked "Monchoncho", a Club Penguin social media influencer. He was recruited to the Pirates Army by Waterkid100, Captain of the Pirates at the time and over a period of time, Epic rose to the rank of Fourth-In-Command. He would maintain this rank & his loyalty to the Pirates & Waterkid100 as time went on, even after the Pirates merged into the Light Troops.

The Light Troops (2013-2017)

In 2013, the Pirates would merge into the Light Troops, Waterkid100 would maintain his rank as Commander in Chief of the Light Troops and Epic would follow him along with many other Pirates to become a Light Troop. Upon joining the Light Troops, Epic kept his rank as Fourth-In-Command. Epic would take part in many great wars against the Army of Club Penguin and the Dark Warriors during his early days in the Light Troops. In 2014, Epic would then be promoted to 3rd-In-Command or an Owner Rank as many would have said. He became part of the Light Troops trusted high command and would continue on as a 3rd-In-Command in the army following the arrival of big names such as Elmikey & Jester. Later in 2014, the Light Troops would take in the 'Drew Crew' - many veterans & legends such as Andrew24, Final Chaser, Flamez etc. The Light Troops would get to the finals of the Christmas Chaos that year but just narrowly lose to a strong Dark Warriors side. The Great War with the Dark Warriors would continue into 2015.

Light Troops vs. Nachos

At the end of January 2015, the Dark Warriors would ask for a cease fire and the cease fire would last well into February of 2015. Following this, the Light Troops' leadership of Andrew24, Elmikey, Jester & the Drew Crew would depart the army following a prank by Waterkid101. Waterkid, Roberto, Bam117 and DrMatt would then return to lead the army together and Epic would move up as a 2nd-In-Command of the army. - In March of 2015, the Light Troops went to war with the Nachos & the Watex Warriors. The war lasted for a number of weeks before the Nachos surrendered.

Light Troops vs. RPF & DCP 2015.

April proved to be a difficult month for Epic & the Light Troops as they began by declaring War on the Army of Club Penguin which led to a demolition of the ACP Empire. Within a couple of days the Light Troops had marched onto Breeze and invaded it without opposition. On April 4th 2015, Waterkid announced his resignation from the Light Troops and claimed he would return in July 2015, leaving the army in the hands of DrMatt, Epic & Tobercold. Results appeared to be poor, average sizes dropped between 17-30 on a daily basis. These sizes stayed the same until May 8th 2015, when Waterkid announced his return to the army and introduced Bot Recruiting. The first event in this new Light Troops Era saw sizes of 45+ with a demolition of RPF and Doritos.

LT Owners, May 2015.

Over the course of the summer of 2015, the Light Troops continued to rise with the increase in the Bot Recruiting evolution introduced by Waterkid. Epic would become a support & would help in recruiting for the new generation of the Light Troops and sizes never dropped below 35 for the remainder of May 2015. As well as the introduction of Bot Recruiting, the Light Troops began giving Free Memberships to those who attended battles. This resulted in a huge influx of new recruits every day, thousands of site views & new Light Troops came and joined every day.

Spring Smackdown Semi Finals, 2015.

This increase in size saw the Light Troops begin to average sizes of 40-50 each night, sizes not seen since December 2014. CP Army Central announced its new tournament the "Spring Smackdown" which is where the Light Troops would be in their element and walked their way to the finals. However, on May 26th, DrMatt resigned from his position as leader and rec-reated the Blue Miners Army in an attempt to rebel and attack the Light Troops. This would prove to be no problem as they would go on to defeat the Ice Warriors in the Spring Smackdown Semi-Finals just days later. This is when Epic was introduced as a Hall Of Fame member in the Light Troops and became one of the few remaining Light Troops owners.

LT vs. RPF War, 2015.

Jessie was brought in as a new Light Troops leader alongside Waterkid and would go on to win the Spring Smackdown tournament on June 7th 2015 against the Nachos. Just days after this tournament victory, the Light Troops went to war with RPF. Over the course of June & July 2015, the war waged on. By the end of the war, the Light Troops were victors, out numbering RPF in almost every battle. On July 19th, the Light Troops abruptly Shut Down.

LT Unscheduled Training in December 2015.

The Light Troops were asleep and in the grave for months and no one heard a thing, until December 2015. Waterkid announced another Light Troops return. Epic and Waterkid began bot recruiting over the course of December, bringing in hundreds and thousands of new recruits to view the Light Troops website, many troops were eager for memberships. On December 19th, the Light Troops returned with a Liberation of Ice Box, prior to the event, Epic was pivotal in introducing the new recruits to Armies & Tactics and held an unscheduled training with a few of the Light Troops 2 hours before the big return.

LT Chat Size, December 2015.

LT Return event, December 2015.

Two hours later, the Light Troops returned with a Liberation of Ice Box where they saw sizes of 65+, sizes that no army in the community had seen since the summer of that year. The Light Troops had 92 troops viewing the website with 3 pools full of troops on their xat chat. At the same time, they managed to make Ice Box a 2-Bar server. History was being made. Over the course of December, the Light Troops declared war on the Water Vikings, the Army of Club Penguin, the Doritos and RPF, all of whom were destroyed each time the Light Troops turned up to invade their land.

Below is a gallery of some photos from the Light Troops Winter Era from December 20th - December 23rd 2015.

Invasion of Breeze, December 30th, 2015.

As mentioned before, the Light Troops would invade every army's capital over the remainder of the month, starting with RPF's capital Tuxedo and then the Army of Club Penguin's capital, Breeze on New Year's Eve.

LT vs. Nachos December 2015.

LT invincible.png

As all armies were in fear of the Light Troops' sizes at this time, no one wanted a battle or showed up to any of their invasions. As a result, they had a practice battle with their allies, the Nachos which saw similar results to their previous invasions of the likes of WV, ACP & RPF. Many army veterans and legends were stunned by the sizes and power of the Light Troops, this type of domination hadn't been seen in years.

Light Troops Shut Down. January 2016.

2016 saw much of the same domination throughout January, the year began with conflict between LT and the Doritos and once again, the Light Troops invaded their capital. The Doritos never showed up to defend Summit. - On January 4th, we saw even more conflict as RPF had involved themselves in the Light Troops vs. ACP war just days earlier. When the Light Troops invaded some ACP land, RPF showed up, as a result, the Light Troops came up against them in a practice battle on Ice Box, resulting in a yellow victory. However, the Light Troops Winter Golden Age & domination would eventually come to an end. On January 9th, 2016, the Light Troops held a Shut Down event and ultimately closed their doors again. This is when Epic101 & Revan would revive the Fire Warriors.

Solo Runs

Redemption Force (2015)

Epic's Redemption Force in 2015.

In the brief period after the Christmas Chaos in 2014, when Elmikey was fired from the Light Troops & the Drew Crew departed, the Light Troops temporarily closed, this saw Epic101 gravitate towards the Redemption Force and Reacon. Epic would lead the Redemption Force for 2-3 weeks and would lead them in what was their greatest golden age during original armies. They saw sizes peak at around 25-30 and placed 4th on the CPArmy Central Top Ten for the first time in their history. Epic would then return to the Light Troops soon after to aid them in their return from a collapse after leadership issues.

Fire Warriors of Club Penguin (January 2016 - March 2016)

Fire Warriors event, 2016.

Following the abrupt shut down of the Light Troops in January 2016, Epic & Revan decided to take any remaining Light Troops with them to reform the Fire Warriors. They were given permission to revive the army by Pochoma, the Fire Warriors creator. Soon after returning from the grave, the Fire Warriors would enter a war with the Redemption Force, one of Epic's former armies. The reasoning for this war was unknown, however, it is claimed that it was due to the Redemption Force's leadership being multiloggers and tarnishing the reputation of the Redemption Force Epic had given the army.

Top 10 Armies, February 2016.

After a number of battles, the Redemption Force were left with no choice but to Coup Max from their leadership after their Multilogging scandal was exposed to the community. As a result, Konrad, Redemption Force Leader, asked the Night Warriors & Fire Warriors for the war to end, and it did. It was a Fire Warriors victory. - Around the same time as this, the Fire Warriors managed to peak at Number #2 on the CPArmy Central Top 10 Armies list, the following weak they finished in #4 on the same list. The Fire Warriors Shut Down in March 2016 after the Light Troops announced yet another return.

Below is a gallery of Fire Warriors event pictures.

The Fire Warriors Shut Down on March 15th 2016 as the Light Troops announced an Easter Return.

The Light Troops Return (March - May 2016)

Epic's unscheduled training.

Just two months after the Light Troops Shut Down their Winter Golden Age, they announced another return, this time during the Easter Break under Waterkid101 with the additional owner squad of Epic, Tobercold, Revan & Jessie. Much like their Liberation of Ice Box in December 2015, Epic was yet again pivotal in preparing the new recruits for the upcoming event. He held an unscheduled Training on Ice Box 2 hours before the Liberation of Ice Box with sizes of 47-49 Light Troops.

Light Troops return Easter 2016.

This new generation of the Light Troops would prove to be like no other. During their Liberation of Ice Box on March 26th 2016, they achieved sizes of 102+ troops online with three full pools on xat as well as circling the Ice Berg & the Town at the exact same time. These sizes of over 100 troops online at the same time had not been seen since Boomer20's retirement from ACP in 2012. - Moving past this, in the following days the Light Troops would engage in battles with armies such as the Water Vikings, the ACP & the Army Republic, all which resuled in victories for the Light Troops, in each battle the Light Troops' sizes never dropped below 60.

Epic giving a troop 6-Month membership codes.

This era of the Light Troops was very similar to the Winter Age just months prior in terms of recruiting. The Light Troops bot recruited & offered memberships to troops who attended battles. This time around, Epic proved to be an important figure as he had managed to find a source for 6-Month membership codes which he gave out to Light Troops after every battle. - As we enter April of 2016, the Light Troops would go on to declare war on the Night Warriors who were considered the #1 army at the time. During this war the Light Troops managed to defend their capital Ice Box and raid Fog before the Night Warriors stopped showing up. After this, Waterkid declared war on RPF.

Epic Leading LT in 2016.

Between the wars with Night Warriors & RPF, Epic was left to lead many of the training events & battles against the likes of the Green Mercenaries & US invasion of Tuxedo & Mammoth and more of the same pre-battle trainings before the invasions of on Ice Rink & Crunch. The Light Troops would go on to claim victory in the wars with RPF & the Night Warriors as both armies stopped showing up to invasions, leaving their land free to take. - The Light Troops then shut down once again on April 23rd 2016. During their two month resurrection, the Light Troops never dropped from #1 on the CPArmy Central Top Ten Armies. Much like before, Epic & Revan departed to create their own army, this time, they revived the Marines with permission from Sidie9.

Marines of Club Penguin (April 2016 - May 2016).

Marines invasion of Tuxedo 2016.

Epic & Revan's leading partnership & quality was seen just months earlier when they managed to lead the Fire Warriors to #2 & #4 on the CPArmy Central Top 10 Armies. This time around they revived the Marines alongside Jack283, a former Water Vikings leader. This return was highly anticipated by members of the community as they brought many skills that they learned at the Light Troops to the Marines, including membership giveaways & bot recruiting. Their return event, being a Liberation of Ice Box saw them max sizes of 25, taking the community by some surprise.

Marines invasion of Tundra 2016.

Following their Liberation of Ice Box, on April 27th 2016, they declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation and successfully invaded Tuxedo, their capital on the same day with sizes of 30+. RPF never showed up to any of the Marine invasions, claiming that their invasions were all within 24 hours of each other & the Marines proceeded to invade their land.

Marines place 2nd on the Top 10.

Following an argument between Epic & the other Marines leaders, Epic was usurped from the leadership. During Epic's reign as Marines leader, they managed to reach #2 on the CPAC Top 10 Armies - following his removal from the leadership, the Marines saw a massive decrease in size & fell out of the Top 10 Armies - eventually shutting its doors.

Modern Career

Epic's Return (2018)

Epic returned to the community after noticing several armies were on Club Penguin Online, a CPPS ran by his life-long army career friend (former Light Troops & Pirates Leader), Waterkid. At the time a war between the Templars and Rebel Penguin Federation was brewing, Xing gave Epic the opportunity to lead the Templars. The Templars defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation and after a week of leading Epic decided to create his own army, the Omegas. The army did well even though short-lived they were able to max 45 penguins. During this time Epic was given the opportunity to be a moderator on Club Penguin Online and shortly after, Epic was offered to revive the Pirates.