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Explorer7777 is a retired Romans leader and 2006 major legend. He is best known as the "founder" of the Romans, after unifying the many Roman clans that existed in the community, in fall 2006. He was one of the two main catalysts of World War II, fighting against Oagalthorp and the Army of Club Penguin. After the war, he disappeared and has not appeared since.


Little is known about Explorer before his leadership of the Romans in 2006.

Unification of the Romans and leadership (c. September - c. December 2006)

Since February 2006, many Roman clans existed due to the advent of the Roman helmet within the Club Penguin game. Many of these clans remained heavily unorganized, with little to no leadership. By fall 2006, a new Roman by the name of Explorer7777, founded the first Roman forum, not too long after Oagalthorp founded the Army of Club Penguin. Little is known to what happened under Explorer's leadership, but it is suggested he organized the Roman clans to take on the many clans at the time, to which he grew the Romans to meet the sizes of ACP. By mid October, he declared war on the Army of Club Penguin.

World War II

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Explorer led the Romans during World War II after destroying the many clans. The first battle between ACP and the Romans resulted in a Romans loss, due to the lack of organization on the Romans part. From there, the Romans would slowly but surely, downfall. Little is known to what happened to Explorer afterwards. It is likely he left Club Penguin all together by December 2006, never to be seen again.

Impersonation (2012)

In 2012, modern Romans founder, Djgtjvgyhxgy, impersonated as Explorer for a while and took over Romans as leader under the Explorer name. ACP leader, Boomer20, called Oagalthorp to verify Explorer, and it was proven that it was not Explorer, and that it was Dj.


  • 2006 Major Legend (August 2013)
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