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Gender Male
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Location Korea, Seoul

Farol60k, or claims to have the full title of Captain Farol Helm Pettison, is the leader of the Nerows. Not much is known about him, except that he wears a distinctive army suit, was last seen in the Snow Forts and background found in sources.


Normal CP Life

His background dates back to 2007, when he started to play Club Penguin. 1

He always played in the Pizza Palour and is not a member, 'till December. He became a member and bought a puffle named Carol 2 . It ran away the next year.

His friends were never revealed, even to this day. Penguins who have sighted it did not give the wiki source and thus there are no confirmed items.

In an Army

He used to be in the rank of "Capriot" in the clan of the Tempuras. Penguins regarded him as a king due to his fast-thinking and strategies, which made the clan win. He later got promoted to "Strategist". 3

When the leader of the clan was on leave, he was temporarily promoted to "Canis Minor". He had directed the group greatly when fighting with the Nachos and defeated them. When the leader came back the next day, it was ppermanentthat he became Canis Minor. The former Canis Minor became "Canis General", which was newly introduced. 4



Not many strategies he made are known; except for several moves, known as the Startup (starting moves)./


First of all, a member of the team will throw a snowball directly to the opponent. Another member of the team will start to use the emoticons, and they will loop this cycle. More snowballs will be thrown to the opponent. It's just that; when the opponent tries to hit back, it may not know if it had hit the penguin or so. This is not "cheating", as you're allowed to confuse the points of each player. The member would then move out and a large hole will be spotted. They will then move back and continue a normal rally of snowballs.


  • "укпофрпкзфопкәшпоф! копфшпкфп! пкшфкшәпквалшмоффФ!"
  • This is such a fight. We should use this strategy I have in my hands!
  • Nanchos are losers! Let's beat them to death!
  • This is quite hard work. But we can't stop!



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