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Felicityfox, sometimes shortened to just Felicity, is a former army leader and The Acids legend. Per information from this Wiki page, she started her army career by helping create The Acids.


On June 15, 2017, Felicityfox and a few other penguins formed the group known as The Acids. Felicity was known as the second member to have ever joined The Acids. She quickly decided that she wanted to keep the group from dying out, so she created a website and a Discord chat for the group. She also promoted the group on CPR frequently and recruited as many members as she could. Ten days later, on June 25, she was nominated and promoted to leader through a unanimous vote.

Felicity continued to lead the Acids and help them rise up the ranks until September, when many of the members (including Felicity) became busy with school. Felicity realized that she would have to temporarily step down as leader in order to not fall behind on schoolwork. On September 21, she officially retired and designated Nico to take her place as the face of the Acids. She plans to resume leadership of the Acids when her classes are over for the summer.

Rebel Penguin Federation

On June 17, just two days after founding the Acids, Felicity was recruited into RPF by Sloaps. Felicity attended events frequently and managed to rise up the ranks quickly. However, leading an army and being a member of another caused some issues for Felicity, and she realized she would have to pick an army to prioritize. After reaching 8th in command in RPF, she was informed that she would not be allowed to rank up unless she left the Acids. At that point, Felicity knew she would rather lead the Acids and make it a prominent army than one of many leaders in the RPF, and she retired from the RPF.


During the CPRAC divide from Security and Sammie's fighting, Felicity was hired by Security as a writer for the news site. She gained promotions quickly due to Security and Sammie splitting CPRAC into two and separating the supporters into two different sides, and each side was suffering from a lack of staff. Within a week, Security had decided to retire and left Felicity in charge of his side of CPRAC. It wasn't long, however, until he unretired and retook control. Eventually, Felicity and Security had conflicting ideas about how to proceed with CPRAC, and Felicity quit her position.

Fun Facts

  • Felicity's birthday is on June 26, and she became the leader of the Acids a day before her 18th birthday.
  • She was the first to become leader of the Acids, and is regarded as the Founder of the Acids due to her creation of the army chat and website, her being the second person of the group, and being the first to show interest in preserving the Acids as a group (the first official member did not wish to be involved with the group after the first night).
  • While Felicity is currently retired from CPR armies, she plans to make a comeback in the summer and revive the Acids as an army.