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Flav is a Club Penguin Army Veteran, mostly known as a Pirate, Re-Creator of the Water Ninjas and Coup Crusaders Legend. He currently holds the rank of Head of HCOM at Special Weapons And Tactics , and is a Content Moderator on the Club Penguin Army Wiki.

Early History

Initial Club Penguin Career (2009-2014)

Flav initially started playing Club Penguin back in 2009 after coming across it online. He does not remember his username as it was so long ago, but he does remember paying a yearly membership and being an active player of the game until he was introduced to games like Halo and Minecraft. He did attend the last few hours of the game for the nostalgia, however, did not bother with any private servers.

Introduction to Armies (2018)

Flav discovered in early 2018 that Club Penguin was still alive, but on a private server. He found both Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten, however chose Club Penguin Online due to the new client interesting him. He quickly was introduced to armies in-game when he came across an admin who would one day become his friend, Epic101 who was advertising the Club Penguin Pirates. Flav was quick to join since coins were being advertised. Flav did attend events now and then, however, he was concentrating more on his Club Penguin youtube channel which was receiving thousands of views.

Early Army Career (2018-2019)

Flav gradually got more involved with the Pirates, rose the ranks quickly and became friends with two of the leaders, Bucky and Epic101. However, Flav did have a group of friends in Club Penguin Online consisting of Danger6106 who would later become a Moderator, Snowman and Ali. Flav's early army career is very unmemorable for him as most of his fun came from the game itself and his friends, however, he made great friends in the Pirates Army. During the summer of 2019, Flav suffered from a life crisis and left the community entirely and decided to return when he was ready.

Mid Career

The Return (2020)

During the beginning of the first Coronavirus pandemic lockdown in April, Flav decided it was time to return to the community, and thousands of other veterans had the same idea. Army sizes spiked along with the Club Penguin Private Servers, news organizations saw this and reported the return of Club Penguin which was actually Club Penguin Online. Very quickly the game went from 2 million to 6 million registered users. Flav returned to both Club Penguin Online and the Pirates, but he found things were not the same. His Club Penguin Online friends had disappeared and his Pirate friends fell inactive, when he returned he only knew Bucky and Epic. Flav wanted to concentrate more on his army career than his youtube, and wanted to one day be like Bucky who was a leader and a friend he looked up to. He did continue to upload youtube videos but not as often as last time. Flav quickly rose up the Pirate ranks while observing Bucky's leading as it was unique and interested him. Flav was involved in three wars and two tournaments in 2018. The Pirates were victorious in both tournaments and with joint effort of the entire army, the Pirates were awarded The Biggest Army of 2018. Flav felt that the army was unstoppable.

Assisting BeN and the Light Troops (2020)

Since the Pirates were so successful hitting maxes of 120 each event, Epic decided to revive a brother ally of the Pirates, the Light Troops. However, he wasn't able to lead both Pirates and Light Troops therefore he gave BeN a shot despite the doubt from veterans in the community. Epic101 also sent over some loyal Pirates to support BeN and his reign, Flav being one of them. He was given Third-In-Command, despite Flav's inexperience he impressed BeN and quickly was promoted to Second-In-Command. However, Pirates had another ally which were the Golds, Flav was helping both the Golds and Light Troops as well as being loyal to the Pirates. Even though Pirates had an alliance with both armies, the armies had regular disagreement between each other which lead to threats of war from the Golds, due to BeN's actions. The Pirates did not want to choose a side and due to BeN being frowned upon by Pirates and veterans, a meme was started; Order 65. Every staff member added 65 to the end of their name and BeN followed. All the Pirates pulled back from the Light Troops as they did not want to jeopardize their alliance with the Golds. Flav did not achieve much or anything at all due to focusing on the Pirates and that was the end of the road for him in the army.

Defacement of the Coup Crusaders (2020)

Prior to the exposure of the figure Leo, Leo was friends with Olimad3 a founder of Coup Crusaders. The army was defaced at the beginning of May and Olimad3 requested for Leo's help and to bring a friend, Leo chose Flav. At first Flav was given moderator but Flav quickly saw many things that bothered him especially the leadership being inefficient, which was impressive as he had no prior leading experience but observed the Pirate leaders. Flav gave advice to the leaders which was at first frowned upon but the advice did improve the leadership as a whole he earned their respect. The army eventually closed due to its failure.

Legends Cup X (2020)

The Pirates were preparing for the possible last Legends Cup tournament as the end of Flash was near. Flav was working hard and really proving himself as he mastered recruiting, he hit a record of 80 new recruits in one hour and he continues to hold this record throughout CPA. Due to his continuous recruiting and interaction, Flav climbed the ranks to eventually Staff. However, due to a multi-logging scandal involving several Pirates high command and staff, the Pirates were disqualified from the Legends Cup. At the same time, the community were entering a dark age as Disney were shutting down Club Penguin Private servers including Club Penguin Online. Epic101 shut the army after Club Penguin Online's shutdown as he could not see a future for the army to continue their legacy. The Pirates advised their troops to join either the Ice Warriors or the Dark Warriors, Flav chose the Dark Warriors.

Dark Warriors (2020)

Flav unexpectedly chose the Dark Warriors and he stayed there for a short period of four weeks. He did work hard at this army, during this time gaining two promotions due to his recruiting efforts and even assisted in running the recruiting regiment, but the army had so much drama behind the scenes it affected Flav's view on the army. There was constantly drama and when Freezie left the army, Flav contacted him before he deleted discord and Flav learned that the army had a very dark atmosphere and Flav decided he did not want to remain. He contacted Alex, a leader in training at the Ice Warriors, to arrange some sort of transfer, as soon as it was confirmed Flav departed from the Dark Warriors.

Ice Warriors (2020)

Flav was given a very warm welcome at the Ice Warriors and quickly learnt the ropes at the army. Flav spent several months in the army, taking part in the Black Ice Alliance war against the Doritos and earning many medals of honor. Flav spent a lot of his time recruiting and worked hard in the staff u-lead events, often leading the staff team with organisation. He made a lot of friends at this army from top to bottom but he was disappointed in the frequency of promotions, it seemed that promotions were only based on friendships and not dedication or activity. This heavily unmotivated Flav and looked for other things to do within the community.

Flav's Return to the Coup Crusaders (2020)

Flav had been looking to return to the Coup Crusaders for a while but Dark Warriors did not allow it but eventually as he moved to the Ice Warriors, Regan an Ice Warriors leader gave Flav permission to return to the army. Flav and Coolguy worked together and revamped the army, Flav was introduced to leadership and the army was thriving. The ever growing success of the army sparked interests to battle the army, Flav lead the army alongside Coolguy in a war against the Silver Empire and then later the Templars, with both wars reigning Coup Crusaders victorious. The army's success caught the attention of the Ice Warriors which lead to a colonization bring protection over the army. This introduced Alex and Fusion to the army, leaders in training at the Ice Warriors who are now Coup Crusader Legends.

Beach Brawl Tournament (2020)

The Club Penguin Army Hub, a popular league at the time, decided to introduce a new summer tournament for small armies, the Coup Crusaders enlisted and were ready for their first tournament. This was Coup Crusaders' first tournament and they were led by Flav, Coolguy, Alex and newly introduced leader from the Ice Warriors Erick. The Coup Crusaders were doing very well in the tournament, defeating their opponents with ease, they reached the final where they would have been faced by the Pizza Federation. This seemed like a definite win for the Coup Crusaders from the community's point of view. However, the army was threatened with the possibility of disqualification as they broke a dual-enlistment rule. The army promoted three members to high command and the army league spotted this and asked for screenshots of the Coup Crusaders' audit log to prove their innocence. Flav acted quickly, as the army was going to be disqualified he risked it and forged the screenshots to show that the army was not breaking any rules. After speaking to Orange a friend, army legend and advisor at the league, Flav decided to confess his actions and accepted the consequences of losing his roles at the league. Flav was once a loved member of the community but after this controversy he felt he was attacked and frowned upon by the community, and out of guilt left the Coup Crusaders. However, the Coup Crusaders were not ashamed of Flav's actions and awarded him the Coup Crusaders Legend status.

The Revival of the Water Ninjas (2020)

At the beginning of August 2020, Flav already missed leading an army and contacted Regan to discuss on returning an army to colonize under the Ice Warriors which wasn't heavily reliant on the colonizer, therefore they would be able to carry their own weight. Several options were explored, eventually Regan and Flav contacted Orange and they came to the agreement to revive the Water Ninjas, once known to be a legendary medium army. Orange contacted the creator and received permission, within a few days Flav set up the army and it was ready. Flav enjoyed leading the Water Ninjas but unfortunately due to the September drop, he retired and continued to advise. The army eventually gained major army status and reached goals Flav, Regan or Orange never expected the army to reach such as a forty eight penguin max, the army closed at the end of 2020 due to the death of flash.

Modern Career

Short Return to the Community (2021)

Flav returned to his staff rank at the Ice Warriors but he seeked for more, he eventually realised that the Pirates needed to return, that is all he really wanted. Flav decided to contact Pirate legends and previous leaders who had recently returned to the community to arrange a return. The new generation was led by Flav, Frostty, Romeo and advised by Epic, Coolster114, Bucky and Twaseen. Together the 7 pirates brought "the gang back" on May 1st 2021. However, due to circumstances not revealed to the community, the army called off the return and Flav once again disappeared from the face of the community.

A New Beginning (2021)

Flav eventually was contacted by Xing and offered a third-in-command position at the Templars, Flav accepted this offer. During the first few days, Templars declared war on the Water Vikings in which Templars were victorious due to Water Vikings going against war terms. Flav was an active Templar and impressed the leaders, which led to his promotion to second-in-command. Xing knew of Flav's previous experience and decided to give him an opportunity to lead the European division alongside Potassium. Their first battle was against one of the strongest armies, Ice Warriors, Templars defeated the Ice Warriors 3-0-0, this battle will forever be marked down as one of Templars greatest victories. Flav had been recently banned from the Ice Warriors due to his affiliation to Epic101, therefore, this victory not only meant defeating one of the strongest armies but also an army that he had an ongoing feud with.

Induction to SWAT (2022)

Civic Career

Club Penguin Army Media (2020)

Club Penguin Army Hub (2020)

Club Penguin Army Wikipedia (2020)

Club Penguin Army Headquarters (2021)

Club Penguin Army Outreach (2021)

CPPS Career

Club Penguin Advanced (2021-2022)