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Motto; Fly Darts, Fly!

Flying Darts


Flying Darts is a CP Army founded in 2009 by TingKid currently at 784 members. Using a very secretive XAT and vigirous recruitment tactics in a sort of Blitz recruitment wave. They use CPO, CPU, CPR, and any CPPS really. With a single leader at a time, it is often referenced as a dictatorship. But, they actually put almost all things to vote by the troops. Ironically, this hardened army is not well known. Not coming into the spotlight until 1 event during Operation Blackout (2012) where they held an event where they roleplayed saving people. Which still went almost unnoticed by the party itsself 

Leaders: TingKid (2009-2013, 2015, 2017-Present)

JeffTheGiraffe (2014)

SteveTheSnake (2016)

Motto: Fly Darts, Fly!

Enemies: Tubas, Purple Republic.

Neutral: RPF, Wild Ninjas, EPF. Elite Guardians.

Allies: Snowball Surfers, Trollerz Team

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