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Freedomist is an Army Leader and a Templars Panel of Guardians Member. He led wars against the Help Force, The Royal Family of CP, Aliens and National Army Alliance. He is widely known throughout the community for trading a leadership position in the Templars for a Staff in Training position in the Ice Warriors.


Initial Recruitment

Freedomist joined the army community on Easter 2016 into the Light Troops of Club Penguin. He was recruited off of the Original Club Penguin in exchange for free membership. He skipped his meal to come to his first Light Troops event, and when he had finished the event, his food was cold. Freedomist wasn't very active, as he only attended events when he was in need of free Club Penguin membership, a pattern he dutifully continued until the shutdown of the original Club Penguin.

Early CPPS Era

On August 6, 2019 Freedomist joined the Club Penguin Online Discord and was DM recruited by Xing. He joined on the one year of the anniversary into the third generation, where he was flung headfirst into The Imperial Age. Freedomist received leader 6 days later because he attended all of the invasions, defenses and victory parades. Freedomist notably led a training at 1 AM while sitting on the toilet, but he was able to bring in around 20 members for that event. He also single-handedly raided the Alien Card Jitsu Fire event, but avoided demotion via his deep friendship with fellow leader Xing. He contributed greatly to Templars owning practically one half of all of the available servers in Club Penguin Online. He was also a very influential figure throughout the Templars and Help Force War. Freedomist was also the main AUSIA and EU division leader of the Templars. Eventually, Freedomist decided not to attend events but was never removed from his leadership position.

Return to Leadership

Freedomist decided to return to leadership in February of 2020, and led the Fjord Frenzy Battle to a max of around 60 Templars against the Pirates. The Templars then proceeded to get very salty because even though they maxed a good deal more than the pirates, all rooms were given to the Pirates because the judges claimed that the Templars had "entered rooms early." Freedomist led strong maxes again until early March, where he briefly retired for about 20 days. Then he returned for a bit, but inevitably retired again on April 16. 

Final Return

Freedomist returned on May 13 and helped lead until the Templars server was defaced by the CPOAL Heads of Board. He led through all of May until the Templars were once again defaced in June. Then Freedomist began taking his role more seriously and was able to raise the max from 10 to a consistent 20-30 Templars online in any given event. He was eventually inducted as a Templars legend in August 6, 2020, exactly one year after he had first joined the army. Freedomist's final event was a Practice Battle against the Crimson Guardians, where they won 3-0.

Freedomist's Induction into TCP Legend Status


Shortly after leaving Templars Leadership Freedomist was enjoying the retired life and eventually came in contact with the pectacular LEGOMAN. Freedomist and LEGOMAN instantly created a friendship through their intense desire for nameglows, and LEGOMAN's infatuation with British Accents. Freedomist was able to successfully vc lead a LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! event against the Water Ninjas of Club Penguin. LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! proceeded to win the battle 1W-0L-2T. Freedomist was sadly banned from the army when the 12 year old Pizza Gang decided to deface the server.

Ice Warriors

Freedomist was crushed after the defacement of LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! server and with a heavy heart he proceeded to move on to join the Ice Warriors for Staff in Training. Eventually he was able to rise from his rank as Staff in Training and become Eighth in Command. He was also able to gain leader in the Ice Warriors Colony, the Water Ninjas of Club Penguin. 


  • Insane Speed Typing/Never Copies a Tactic
  • Templars Legend
  • Xing Warriors Legend
  • Voice Chat Leading a LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! event
  • Two-Time Ice Warriors' Staff of the Week
  • Winner of the Ice Warriors Recruiting God Award


  • "I've been here for 5 gays I think"
  • "well prior and bears have 2 things in common...they're both predators"
  • "I like Legoman (to the point where it is concerning), give him NG too"
  • "Freedomist5 Xing Warriors Troop (last one i swear)"
  • "no is the new yes"