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Ghost Vikings!!!

"Founder: Penguwild (10/4/09)

Members: Penguwild, Fuzz Herder, Henry1424, Racecar123go (Add your penguins name with " " around it. I will meet you on Club Penguin at a later date to audition you! When you are accepted, I will take " " off.

Uniform: Red Viking Helmet and Ghost Costume (Available now) unless authorized otherwise. I wear a BLUE helmet. ONE member may wear Helga's Gold helmet. That Penguin is second in command.

Worlds: Ice Box, Mammoth, Yeti, Blizzard, Yukon (WE will dominate them ALL!)

History: This army was founded on 10/4/09 by Penguwild. He invited Fuzz Herder and Henry1424. Fuzz Herder was recognized as a possible threat. All GVs are advised to keep an eye on him-or you could get a snowball in the back. Henry1424 is exceedingly loyal. The first War was taken to alone on 10/3/09 which caused Penguwild, the sole fighter of the war against FPoA-Fashion Penguins of America. An unofficial army that does NOT enjoy being hit. Penguwild formed an army for this purpose-to ELIMINATE those Penguins. They could be pretty much any penguin in the Town, Plaza, or Snow Forts."

This first generation did not succeed and died at an unknown time. However, the army revived March 29th 2011 for a second generation, which would later fail, dying approximately July the same year.

Enemies: FPoA

Allies: NCoCP (Ninja Corps of Club Penguin)

Room: Any party room, the Snow Forts, Pet Shop (to eliminate Mwah Mwahs), all rooms of the Dojo, and the Volcano room when it comes out.


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