Games is a soldier in various armies.

Early Career (2014–2015)


Games joined the Nachos in 2014.

Army of Club Penguin

After a battle between the Nachos and the RPF, Games left the Nachos for the ACP.

Ice Warriors

Games served under the IW some time after serving in the ACP.

Light Troops

Games served under the LT some time after serving in the IW.

Striking Raiders

Among one of his favorite armies, Games served in SR, where he served for 3 months before having to leave Club Penguin entirely.

Career (2017–)

Dark Knight Empire

In May 2017, Games was sitting around in the EPF Command Room when he met Flame. Flame recruited him into DKE, but soon, Games went inactive, and so did DKE.

Underground Mafias Army

In June, Games was taking his multilogs for a stroll, when he encountered the UMA being slaughtered by the RPF in a battle. He helped the UMA, securing their victory, and soon joined the UMA as a Colonel. In July, Games reached leader.


After serving in the Romans, Games helped the UMADKE win the war, and soon left the NVA for endangering the UMA Nation. The UMA troops were then killed by the NVA troops and lost the war, forcing oharaisbae to split the UMA in two.


In October, the UMA High Command had a large argument about the prospect of reviving the Romans, which eventually happened, and Games was given leader there. In November, he stepped down to Centurion due to inactivity. He served in the Romans until December 4, 2017, when he was fired for sharing his opinion.

Underground Mafias Army

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Games was in acids for abit


Games was a leader in SWAT during the time when Games barely had a computer, and the time, leading to its downfall. ganger u ghay

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