The official flag of the Global Defenders.

The Global Defenders is a small army on Club Penguin. Their current leader is Pungy1234. The GD have made it to the top ten list a few times, and they are a powerful and a fun army to join.


Global Defenders government is a mix between a temporal government and clasical Club Penguin Armies, with a president, Currently Brady, whom of which acheives the rank by being chosen by the previous president. A Prime Minister, Currently Pungy, whom of which is elected every few months, As well of course as various 2ics and 3ics.


The Global Defenders do control a couple of servers. Here's a list of them all:

  • Outback
  • Bonza
  • Iceland
  • Rainbow
  • Glacier
  • Bobsled
  • Tuxedo
  • Avalanche



The GD's uniform is based on the colors: green, blue, and white. Their uniform consists of:

  • Head: Globe Hat, Helmet of any Kind, Green Baseball Cap
  • Face: Blue or Green Face Paint
  • Neck: Backpack of any kind
  • Body: Green or Blue Hockey Jersey
  • Feet: Hiking Boots
  • Hand: Hockey Stick, Guitar, Shield
  • Color: Green




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