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Graceee is an army leader, currently serving as a a Commander-In-Chief in the Special Weapons And Tactics and a Commander in the Island Invaders.


Early Career

Graceee likes to say that she has been raised on the hard cold streets of the hood. She had originally began playing Club Penguin when the game was initially released and played until shutdown. She then returned to the game when Club Penguin online was released. On Club Penguin online she was asked if she liked Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis. She was immediately hooked and this self proclaimed "hood girl" jumped at the chance to join the One Direction Army. Graceee is widely known throughout the community because she once made it her mission to attend every single army's events for a whole week. She was able to rank up in many armies because of this.

ODA Leadership

Eventually, in August of 2020 she was promoted to leader in her original army, One Direction Army. She led valiantly alongside Belts, Aubz, Hannah and Phoebe for a few months before finally retiring to focus on SWAT. She also hosted an astounding amount of U-Leads in her tenure of leading One Direction Army.


Graceee joined LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! for a member rank amidst their first event which directly piggybacked off of an One Direction Army Murder Mystery event. Graceee tirelessly attended every single LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! event, and was able to consistently be the center of formations. She was finally able to rankup to the position of Staff, after being the highest ranked troop within the server and received the LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! Medal of Honor for her dedication and devoted service.

Dream Team

Graceee was involved in a secret pact known as the Dream Team, alongside with LEGOMAN and RachGT. This group was famous for creating meme armies to max ten penguins and get verified within the Club Penguin Army Hub. They created such notable meme armies as Among Us Army ZOOM ZOOM KACHOW! and BEACHTROOPERS OF CLUB PENGUIN AWWWW YEAH! and were able to schedule invasions on Elites territory following the shutdown, thought it was later invalidated.

SWAT Career

Graceee eventually moved to the Special Weapons and Tactics Team fulltime where she quickly ranked up to the position of Second-In-Command. She has been known for attending practically every single event that SWAT holds. In this army she was able to rejoin her fellow former One Direction Army leaders Belts, Phoebe, and current leaders Aubz/Fafflez and Hannah. She was also able to get closer with a very special friend of hers named Honda. Graceee and Honda are very close, and have even been given the ship name Grondaaa among the SWAT Community. She has also been rumored to have a Sub Par Minecraft skin. She currently holds the rank of SWAT Leader-In-Training, which she obtained amidst the Flash Nemesis War.

Island Invaders Revival

Graceee joined the Island Invaders leadership team on July 4, 2021 as the seventh leader overall. She leads alongside Charizard Rules and Island Invaders Legend and Akua LEGOMAN. She went on to lead the Island Invaders to max fourteen in their revival event with only six hours of notice.


  • Leading One Direction Army
  • Obtaining LIT in SWAT in a very short timespan
  • Attending every single LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! event
  • Coined the term "Miss Thing" which would be in reference to a particular contraversial member of the community


  • "Don’t come for the hood like that"
  • "@[1-0] Tyrone Biggums the hood got my back!!!"
  • "ayeee yo soy de hood"
  • (Expiredstar08: yeh hood girl) "Suburbs boy"
  • "tell fire I HACHE HIM"
  • "give me back to the hood"
  • (LEGOMAN: Go eat some ice cream in the hood with ur multilog cousin) "@[1-0] Tyrone Biggums and I’ll do it again!"
  • "The hood is...."
  • (LEGOMAN: me llamo graceee soy de the hood) "si si si"
  • "Do it for the hood"
  • "omggg hood grandmas"