Guta, or Gutavuh is a recent and controversial figure on the Club Penguin Armysphere, he is a former Roman prefect and former EGCP 2ic.


In 2013, Guta was recruited into the Nachos. He was with them for 2 years but never had a high rank since his english was still quite poor. In 2015 he left the Nachos. He then had a spring of inactivity within the community until 2017, when he joined the Tubas as a Consul and Design. He then joined the Romans. He then also went to join the Elite Guardians of CP, and became a 3ic, and then escalated to 2ic. He was also a strong anti-UMA, believing that they're a cancer to the community and that they must be destroyed, he was also the main face behind the 2018 NVA-UMA War. Guta is also know for defacing the now extinct Penguin Press, which led to it's eventual shutdown.

By the end of June, 2018, many EGCP soldiers complained about Guta's actions in the server, like muting without reason and being rude to people in the main chat, the leaders decided to withdraw his admin powers, which led to him leaving the server and armies as a whole.

In january 2019, he then was found walking alone on a populated server of Club Penguin Online, watching a few EGCP soldiers recruiting. When they tried to talk to him, he simply walked away and disapperead.

His legacy on the EGCP can still be found these days everywhere.


  • He was a loyal roman soldier during the War of Roman Subjugation, being anti-DK and anti-URP, but today he has a great relationship with both leaders from these armies.
  • Unlike most of the romans, he was Anti-RPF and dreams with total destruction of them.
  • He is brazilian, but his parents are ethnically german.
  • He consider his nachos days as "the most happiest days i ever had in this community".
  • He strongly regrets his small service for the Tubas, considering them as "yellow monkeys who can't get in formation" and "shittiest trend army ever".
  • His CPR nickname is "Scrooge McDu", he totally regrets choosing this nickname.
  • His CPBR nickname is "Totinhos1", which is also his original Club Penguin nickname.
  • When asked about his recent drama with EGCP drama, he says he extremely regrets his attitude.
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