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Hawk Knights Of CP, or HKCP, was an Army of Club Penguin Rewritten. The army got created by an RPF Troop named Hawk. Their Discord server invite can be found here. It is often seen as an “underrated” Club Penguin Rewritten Army.

History (2018-present)

To be updated.

Foundation (January 2018)

The HKCP was first founded by Hawk as the Hawk Rebellion Catch, but it was hacked the first time he created it. Later he brought it back successfully, and, with a new leader named Wolfy Daddy. HKCP held their first events were they consistently maxed 3-4 with well synched tactics. These events can be seen on their website here. They entered an alliance with The Resistance, and the leader of The Resistance, trants, joined them as a Hawk Commander (second in command). They also gained the support of Hawk's old friend from RPF and current Romans member, BloodPanther, who helped them out with their website, but did not join as a troop. He was given the Hokage rank, and later was given Hawk Commander and eventually HKCP President (leader). He was the one that suggested the name Hawk Knights when they were voting for a new name.

Rise (Late January-February 2018)

The army would go on to begin its rise. It would start to get decent sizes for the army, decent enough to fight. It eventually partook in the CPC-Romans war.

CPC-Romans War (January 2018)

By this time, HKCP declared war on the Club Penguin Crew. It would attempt to attack them, but fail.

Continued (February 2018)

It would continue on all the way to become a colony of the Romans. It would help fight against the Underground Mafias Army.

Depression (March 2018-June 2018)

To be added.

Resurgence (June 2018-present)

After the long depression, the Hawk Knights managed to come back using the Army League. It would go on to recreate its sizes and continue on. It remains as one of the underrated armies in the community. On January 23rd, at 7:35 PM EST, Wolfy Daddy left the army and continued in the RPF.


The Uniform of the Hawk Knights Of CP!


Green Ball Cap


3D Glasses


Scuba Tank


Referee Jersey


Captain America Shield