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Full Name Hot Sauce Army
Founded July 22nd, 2009
Rank  ?
Government Dictatorship
Size ~30
Famed For  ?

Website & HQ




The Hot Sauce Army was founded by Lil Soulja and Hypermext (Later known as Glass) during the middle of 2009. HSA’s firsy appearance came during a small army tournament held by a small army news group at the time. HSA during this time was controlled by Hypermext and Dudex. HSA had only placed 2nd in most of these tournaments due to the recent uprising of Club Penguin Lightning led by PanthersBas. Although losing to the much bigger CPL, HSA was the only army out of all the small tournaments to make it into the Top Ten on Club Penguin Army Central.

During August of 2010, they had already become huge and were battling for the number 3 spot in the Top Ten. Their success came from their leaders. Everyone looked up to Dudex because of his outstanding kindness and charisma. HSA lived on for a long while. Owner ranks changed constantly. 3rd in commands were fired almost weekly and new ones were brought in the same day. There was constant outrage in ranks. Battles in which the Hot Sauce Army took place in most of the time ended in argument. Small rebellions and “Civil Wars” took place inside the army itself. Although not growing too big, the leaders took note of this.

Moving into November of 2011, the army seemed to be at it’s peak. Holding the number 4 spot in the CPAC Top Ten. It wasn't until a small uprising of mods wanted Hypermext fired. They had wanted their own creator taken out of his leader spot and a new leader to be in place. This rebellion succeeded and eventually Hypermext ended up quitting the Hot Sauce Army. The troops thought this was the most amazing thing they could ever do for the army. It ended up being a terrible mistake. Dudex couldn’t take care of the army by himself. The stress eventually built up and he left the Hot Sauce Army for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The army had seemed to almost disappear. Co-Leaders had stepped up to the plate ad tried their hand at leading the army. This only made it worse as troops wanted old leaders back and despised these new faces. The Hot Sauce Army had fallen out of the Top Ten.

They had gotten close to a spot with PanthersBas (Old CPL leader and rival) leading. Although his skills were great, he lacked the time, and patience to lead. Appointing Chuckisthe2 to leader, PanthersBas stepped down and let him lead. Chuckisthe2 brought Fallen onto the saddle. Together, they had brought together a small band of old HSA troops and brought HSA out of a tremendous slump. HSA had risen back into the Top Ten; taking the number 6 spot on the leaderboards. January of the new year came around with hopes for the Hot Sauce Army. Over Christmas break, troops just seemed to not care about the army anymore. Most had left, or just been lazy and didn’t attend any events. Dudex had showed up again for a short few weeks, trying to lead the Hot Sauce Army again. Sadly, this didn’t last very long. Dudex had vanished and never came back. Chuckisthe2 and Fallen didn’t know what to do. They ended the army for a short while. Early February was filled with new generations of HSA. Some old loyal troops had tried to restart the army many times with no success. Then, in March of 2011, the Hot Sauce Army was officially ended. The last OFFICIAL HSA site lead by old troops can still be found with the final post by Latimer4.


1st Generation

  • Hypermext54/Glass (Founder)
  • Lil_Soulja (Co Founder)
  • Mati1964
  • Dudex219/Dx
  • Sochaser
  • Steelman19

2nd Generation

  • 381nascar
  • Panthers Bas
  • Tiny Sara/Sara Gigy
  • Texasgirl27

3rd Generation

  • Chuckisthe2/Zyanid
  • 4455ashpie/Fallen
  • Dudex219/Dx (2nd Reign)

4th Generation

  • Tehnachoz
  • Dude18643
  • Latimer4 
  • Beast
  • Wexfief

5th Generation

  • Dudex219/Dx (3rd reign)
  • Bearsboy10 
  • Monster47345 
  • Jason 
  • Freezie

6th Generation

  • Rjse1/Zero
  • 4455ashpie/Fallen (2nd Reign)
  • Chuckisthe2/Zyanid (2nd Reign)
  • Ryan (Current)
  • Nitrohammer (Current)
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