The Ice Hounds of Club Penguin, also known as IH is a Club Penguin army created by Son Nav on August 23rd 2013, they are considered to be a medium army.  


The Ice Hound Army Of Club Penguin was created on August Twenty Third Of 2013. Son Nav was an experienced blogger and a you-tuber who was also popular in armies. He created the Ice Hounds and stuck with it. For about 5-6 months The Ice Hounds were using social media such as ‘Twitter’ And ‘Instagram’ to get people to log on for events. Ice Hounds had no servers or barely had anything to our selves at that time. We became an Official Club Penguin Army On September Twenty Third 2013. That was also the day were were on Small Medium Army Central’s Top Ten Armies. Ice Hounds got eight place. We had our first leader (Excluding Son Nav) Coolman on September Twenty Fifth 2013. He rised us and taught us lessons, recruited and helped us for about two years in both generations. On November 14th 2013; We had 29 people on Club Penguin with a full chat. We have had many rough wars which you can view above the line. Each day we rise. Our first event was history. We did not have clear lightshot/screenshot pictures at the time. Son Nav had to use his phone to take blurry pictures to upload onto his computer and posted it. The Ice Hounds now have H-D lightshot and screenshot tools with perfect graphics. The troops who came to our first ever event were; RayNorShine, Bella365, Son Nav, SuperNavan And XAwesome3. After our first war with The Water Ninjas; we were on many Army Media Sites And Top Tens. Through out the years; The Ice Hounds have been through over ten wars and have been through people making fun of us, been through rebellions against us and have been through hacking and threats. The first war we ever won was against the oranges. The First Generation was the best. It lasted for almost two years. It was legendary and golden. It brings back many memories. We died because of The Water Ninjas. They declared war on us again for no fucking reason. They pissed us off. The War lasted for almost four months straight. At midnight a legend returned but unfortunately we died. Coolman wanted a break and wanted us to rest in peace for a while. Son Nav And Ice Hound Legend Wei Shue brought it back for the second generation. It was aright at first but after seven weeks without events and with empty chats it died. Son Nav happily claimed us dead and merged into Chaos. Son Nav turned the site private so only he could view it and he took every owner off. He took a hell of a lot of months to edit the site. The Ice Hounds peacefully returned for there third generation 2014. They died later on due to rebellions and Son Nav has took the time to bring it back for it’s fourth generation; we are rising again. We are The Ice Hound Army Of Club Penguin.


In December 2014, during the third generation of the Ice Hounds, also known as the "Long Generation", or "Iron Age", the Ice Hounds were going through a lot of changes. At the time, Son Nav was declared the only leader, and all his decisions were final, no voting. One of the other co - leaders, Dominus, also known as Coolman, was not happy with this. Him, along with other Ice Hound legends such as T0xic, and Pengton formed the Ice Hound Rebellion in hopes of restoring the Ice Hounds to what they should be; democratic, and having more than one leader. This rebellion only lasted a few weeks and ending only a few days before the Ice Hounds shut down temporary to rebuild. Peace was met between both parties, Dominus and Pengton became leaders alongside Son Nav.


War I. Ice Hounds Vs. Water Ninjas

This was our very first war we ever had. The Ice Hound Army was not an official army at the time. To become an official army you must have two servers at-least. Barely anyone knew about us at the time. This war actually helped us gain strength; despite the fact that we lost and did not win any battles in this war. Our only leader was Son Nav who was also our creator. We had a very short amount of troops and Son Nav needed to gain land for our Empire/Nation. Son Nav was searching for one hour and stumbled upon The Water Ninjas. He asked them very politely three times nicely. They declined us and so we asked if we could at-least share one. They were really rude to us. We then asked one more time and if they said no; we would declare war. They called our bluff. We did not bluff. They said no and a war brew. Ice Hounds at the time were using Social Media sites to recruit and get people to log on to Club Penguin with us. Instagram, Twitter And So On. We had no land and in order for war and to become an official army; we needed land. So Son Nav asked The Dark Warrior Army for land to keep not share. They said yes with no hesitation. Water Ninjas did not believe Dark Warriors gave The Newly Created Ice Hound Army land. They didn’t believe it because The Ice Hounds were a tiny not even a small un-official newly created army and Dark Warriors have been around since 2007 with army legends as leaders and they are a major army. Son Nav brought the leader of The Dark Warriors to The Water Ninjas chat and they asked The Dark Warrior leader if they gave us land and he said ‘Yes.’ We also asked an army called The Lightning Strikers who gave us some land to share. We became a colony of The Lightning Strikers in War III. Our Empire/Nation grew and grew; then we finally decided to make the first plan attacks and invade The Water Ninjas. Please keep in mind; this was our first war. We lost every single battle but usually averaged around 6-7 which is good for a newly created army; considering the face that barely anyone knew about us. Water Ninjas were also at that time a major army. So this war got us noticed because Reporters were posting about this war like madness. We didn’t do this war for attention we did it because they were rude to us. We needed protection and help in this war and so we colonized under a major army called Team Blue who were enemies with The Water Ninjas. Team Blue posted invasions on The Water Ninjas to help us win the war. Water Ninjas acted fast and quickly made peace with Team Blue. The invasions Team Blue made were cancelled/deleted. After more invasions and defenses an army which is now extremely major and popular called Redemption Force (they were small at this time) took a poll to see who to declare war on; most people on the poll picked Water Ninjas. Redemption Force took and invaded land from The Water Ninjas which really did give us some head starts in the war. They were not on our side but it helped us. The war was getting foolish so Son Nav surrendered to The Water Ninja Army Of Club Penguin. The treaty that was created stated that The Ice Hound Army Of Club Penguin must colonize under The Water Ninjas. They made peace and at the time they were assholes. Now they are an amazing ally and Son Nav became best friends with the troops and even got to lead The Water Ninjas with full access. Redemption Force called there war with The Water Ninjas a tie. Team Blue became allies with both of us; but they sadly died after. Ice Hounds were growing.


War II. Ice Hounds Vs. Oranges 

This war was completely pointless and stupid. This was a war where you were allowed to use allies. Our only leader at the time was still our creator Son Nav. One month after The Water Ninja War an army called The Oranges were annoying an ally and an army we colonized under; The Water Ninjas. The Oranges were led by a Multi-Logging cheater who is mostly known for many things that got him trouble in Club Penguin Armies. At that time; The Leader Of Oranges was nine years old. That secret was revealed a year later. The Oranges were caught faking there sizes with edited pictures. The Ice Hounds then declared war on The Oranges and planned over fifteen invasions on there nation\empire. They were foolish. The nine year old leader stated ‘I am a Club Penguin Army Legend; I have lead over thirty five armies and those include Major Armies.’ Son Nav called him a pathetic Army Hopper and showed no fear; The Oranges maxed two troops per event [Barely Two] and we maxed 7-9 thanks to The Water Ninjas for helping. Oranges actually admitted defeat but “trolled” us. Quote From The Other Orange Leader; ‘Oranges have an after battle;you think you won but you have to stay on because our after battle is traditional.’ They did that all the god damned time. Orange Creator surrendered the war to us and admitted that they lost badly and lost each and every battle. We made a treaty that stated not to attack each other for six months. We actually did win some land in this war; The Creator later on claimed that The Water Ninjas And Ice Hounds were starting a rebellion against them and claimed t “Violation Of The Treaty.” He had no proof and admitted he was lying about this; just so he could get land. Water Ninjas later on declared war on Oranges and won making a treaty stated that they must give Ice Hounds two severs of there choice and colonize under The Water Ninjas. Oranges got banned from The Top Tens, made peace with us and there troops and leaders joined us. We threw a mini-party on Club Penguin and won our first war. We learned a lot and gained a lot of land. Oranges later on were declared dead; they tried to come back for there second generation after “Re-Merging From The Dorito Army” but failed to bring the army back.


War III. Ice Hounds Vs. Purple Warriors

The Purple Warriors were a very; very; very small little tiny unknown army. Son Nav wanted a practice war and The Purple Warriors were acting like they were the best army ever; they were acting very foolish. They wanted to fight. We put up a fight. It wasn’t a massive war. Ice Hound Leaders had respect for the army. Purple Warriors never; we counted; never showed up to any battles including there own. The leader of Ice Hounds was still our creator Son Nav. Our former brother ally The Lighting Strikers [Who Became Historical Allies] threatened The Purple Warriors to merge into The Ice Hounds or else they would form an alliance to kill The Purple Warriors. The Purple Warrior creator and leader laughed like a bastard and told us to piss off. So we made there army a living hell and attacked the shit out of the army and eventually the leader came rushing to our chat and she was begging for mercy and then surrendered all battles and the war. They merged into us due to the treaty and the leader of The Purple Warriors became active and loyal. They tried to use allies in the war such as The Nachos who were major armies but all of the armies said no to them. They said they would use The Lightning Strikers to kill us then Son Nav laughed and asked them and The Lighting Strikers went with Son Nav. Son Nav later on became an owner of The Lightning Strikers and became very close friends with almost everyone in the army. We won another war without allies. Lighting Strikers said they would help but we told them only if we need it. We didn’t need the help; we did it all by ourselves. Purple Warrior Leader wished Purple Warriors were not born after. Everyone in the army later on made up and Son Nav made friends with The Purple Warrior creator/leader. All was served; we won another war. This was not a major war; just a small war we won.


War IV. Ice Hounds Vs. Dark Knights [Memorable/Historical War]

We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on the beaches; we shall fight on the landing grounds; we shall fight on the fields and in the streets; we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender. We had three leaders at the time. We were considered an official Medium Army. We got on the top tens as high rankings and maxed 12-15 people at battles. Our leaders were Son Nav, Coolman And Wei Shue. [All Ice Hound Legends]. Anyone who participated in this war will never and I mean never forget this memorable war. This war is one of our biggest. No one can forget it. It made history to The Ice Hounds And Dark Knights. It all started when Son Nav was talking with a colony army leader who also was being bullied by Dark Knight Army Leader Color50/Flame. [Color50 is now Son Nav’s and Ice Hounds best friend. He is an Ice Hound Legend. This war took place a hell of a long time ago; Dark Knights are our brother allies now]. The Colony Army Leader told Son Nav he would retire and he was crying because of Color50. He also said some very sad things that shall not be listed here. Son Nav was allies with The Dark Knights and they had hell lots of land. Fucking United States Of America. They had lots of land. Son Nav declared war on The Dark Knights and they were really annoying at that time. They are a great army now. We won six battles and invaded/defended land each and every day. Dark Knights won two battles and tied one battle with us. They never surrendered. It’s not a joke. It’s not like “We shall never surrender” in a motivation war way. It’s never surrender. When they maxed one or even two well we maxed thirteen and did perfect tactics they would claim victory. Son Nav had to [and still does when they have practice battles as friends] brought a judge in for every battle to see who won. They later on surrendered the war to us [Thank You God] and made a treaty. The treaty was later on burned [Classified Reasons] and we had war with The Dark Knights nine other times. Nine fucking other times. The war took place a long time ago. A very long time ago. Dark Knights are now our brother allies. Ice Hounds once died and did not return until Color50 convinced Son Nav to bring it back; Ice Hounds planned on coming back the same day Dark Knights came back. This war will never be forgotten; some of it on footage; some pictures taken. This was a no ally war. No help in this war. The Dark Knights are not an army to make a treaty with. Son Nav later on became Dark Knight Advisor and a legend of them. Color50 also became Ice Hound Advisor. They joined us in our alliance in the biggest war we ever had; they helped us. We won three wars in a war. On a roll. This page only lists the two main wars we had. The other wars we had are not considered wars just arguments and a days worth of battles. 


War V. Ice Hounds Vs. Smart Penguins

This was a stupid war just like War II. The Ice Hound Leaders at the time were; Son Nav, Coolman And Wei Shue. [All Ice Hound Legends]. The army was originally called ‘Smarty Penguins’. They are now named ‘Smart Penguins’. There good allies with us now. They used to be foolish snots. They got the award on Small Medium Army Central for the most “noobiest” army of the year. They were annoying us and our colonies and they used to always never admit defeat. Worse than The Dark Knights. Son Nav always brought a judge to war battles and would always say The Ice Hounds Win. Quote Smart Penguin Leader; ‘Nope to bad laugh out loud; we won not you’. So Son Nav asked Army Leaders such as legendary major army leaders and Army Legends who won the battles with pictures. They all stated Ice Hounds. Son Nav took pictures of them saying that and Smart Penguin Leaders said the same thing. ‘Nope too bad laugh out loud; we won not you’. They couldn’t tell the difference between Ausia Times And Eastern Time. We won this whole war of course. Smart Penguin Creator was an okay person; he wasn’t foolish as much. Atleast they could fight without allies. This war was all over Army Media Sites. They invaded a server from us successfully due to everyone in The Ice Hounds at school but we got it back. After months of ignoring there stupid invalid invasions and bitching; Son Nav had a chat with there leader. We gave them some of our servers, had a practice battle and they colonized under us. Nine months after they hit Major Army, they play fair most the time, have good leaders and are one of our greatest allies. There a great army now. Four wars won. Ice Hounds did get higher a bit because of this war. They later on joined our alliance in the biggest war we ever had. We win.


War VI. Ice Hounds Vs. Green Mercenaries

Our leaders at the time were Son Nav, Coolman And Wei Shue. [All Ice Hound Legends]. It has been three months since we had a war. The Ice Hounds were falling each day. We needed a war to get our troops active and to get some media to post about us. This was the shortest war The Ice Hounds have ever had. It lasted approximately 17 hours. We normally do not add wars on this page that ended in one day but this was different. How? Ice Hound Creator Son Nav was originally going to declare war on an army called The Green Mercenaries [Now Called Green Marines]. They were hated by many armies and were always showing off. Armies such as Water Ninjas wanted to declare war on them. They would beg and beg to be on the top tens each time and even when they were on it they would annoyingly beg to be higher or complain. Very annoying. We gave them a chance to stop but not anymore. We declared war and had no actual invasions or defenses. This war was thought to last for about a month but only lasted 17 hours. It consisted of only Raids And Many Rage Posts. We did plan invasions but they surrendered to us and begged for mercy. They could actually admit defeat and max 6-7+ without cheating. We had a treaty which can be seen on Section VII. On The Ice Hound Empire Page. They agreed to colonize under us and they insisted on giving us two servers of our choice which were Wind Chill And Oyster. They were really nice people in the army but just annoying army. We became really close allies and they became a major army. Green Marines [What they are called now] let Son Nav lead The United States Division. We still sometimes have arguments. We won five wars in a row and our troops also got active again.


War VII. Ice Hounds Vs. Cabin Defenders, Shadow Troops, Rock And Rollers And Construction Workers

You may be asking yourself; Why Does War VII. Have Four Armies? Answer; We declared war on Four Armies at one time because we were ready for a big war. Four armies at a time. We had an alliance which we later on killed after two days because this was very easy. It was an allies war but we used allies only one or two times because we needed help. Our leaders at the time were Son Nav, Coolman, Wei Shue And Pengton19. [All Ice Hound Legends]. Special Weapons And Tactics legend Domsallian became leader a few weeks after. Our main focus was on an army that will always remain asswipes but they are our friends; The Cabin Defenders. They were a legendary Small Medium Army who literally just came back from the dead. This war was really big at the time. The Cabin Defenders made fun of people. Claiming land that is not theirs. They were fools so we attacked them. The Cabin Defenders invaded at United Kingdom Times And Ice Hounds At Eastern Standard Time. We raided one of there servers at Ausia time. It was really difficult but we called our war a tie. Won four invasions and one defense. We became okay allies with them and they actually merged into another army and do not plan on coming back. Before they died we had a tournament battle with them and maxed equal sizes same tactics. The judge was bias because he was former Cabin Defender leader and said they won. 3 people voted Cabin Defenders and two voted Ice Hounds. The Shadow Troops are a legend army that had a fake generation. The Shadow Troop leader was bitching about so much things. He made fun of Dark Knights And Ice Hounds; he made fun of all our troops and leaders. Quote Shadow Troop Leader; ‘I am not scared of you filth. Your scum army that maxes two cannot beat us. Go ahead and declare war.’ They never shew up to any battles and turned out surrendering. The new leader of The Shadow Troops apologized for his behavior and took away his legend. Shadow Troops also surrendered. The Rock And Rollers will continue to be retarded. We were helping our brother allies Chaos [We Merged Into Them Three Times].  Chaos got declared war on by The Rock And Rollers so we defended them. The war turned out to be a tie and we made peace with them. The Construction Workers were always claiming to be the best of the best. Turns out they died for raiding our allies event. We won against all of these armies. Six wars in a row; The Ice Hounds continue to rise.


War VIII. Ice Hounds Vs. Parkas

This war taught us something. The leaders at the time were Son Nav, Zyx123, Coolman And Wei Shue. Zyx123 threatened an army called The Parkas. Zyx123 said Ice Hounds would declare war on The Parkas if they did not give Ice Hounds there nation. Everyone in The Ice Hounds including Son Nav did not like the fact that Zyx123 did this. The Parkas got pissed at him and declared war. Son Nav thought this would be easy. He made fun of The Parkas. He then apologized to The Parkas but they declined the apology and declared war because of Zyx123. Zyx123 (also known as just Zy) was a very good leader. One of Son Nav’s best friends and still is. He was always on and committed to The Ice Hounds. The way he recruited was the best. Best recruiter of all time. It was difficult to get troops to log on but the leaders managed it. We maxed 7+ with perfect tactics. They maxed 29-35+ with major army leaders and legends and also got on The Major Army Top Ten. We surrendered the war but they had to be fucking asswipes. Bitching and bitching. They told us they would not accept our surrender until we gave them ten servers that we own to them of there choice. We had 15 servers. 15-10= 5. We would have five servers left. But that is that. We agreed and the leaders of The Parkas acted all nice. Son Nav later on became leader of The Parkas and after a while everyone forgot about it/ The Dark Knights were helping Parkas in this war. We got mad and… Take a look at the next war we had; War IX. It’s alright. Ice Hounds still had strength. 


War IX. Ice Hounds Vs. Dark Knights [Again]

The Ice Hounds Leaders At That Time Were; Son Nav, Coolman And Domsallian. The Dark Knights And The Ice Hounds used to have a very complicated relationship. Practice Battle, War, Practice Battle, Raid, War, Raid, Piss Them Off, Practice Battle And War. This time they declared war on us. We had about 9 wars but on this page we only listed the two major wars because the rest were basically arguments that lasted for a day that involved one raid. Color50 Dark Knight Leader declared war on us because this war was getting them attention. We were going to declare war because they were involved in the war with The Parkas (War VIII. Above). They almost killed us. The Dark Knights were annoying fools. In fact during this war; A loyal Dark Knight Leader; One of Color50’s best friends quit The Dark Knights for The Ice Hounds. Suck My Dick Dark Knights. We won six battles in this war and this time they could admit some defeat even though Son Nav still had to bring in a judge for almost most battles. They won eight battles in this war. They were a lot of raids in this war. Coolman surrendered to them and in fact we offered them peace but no. They kept on attacking us. The Dark Knights dislike having treaties with armies so they did not make one for this war. We could have won but all leaders decided that Ice Hounds needed to re-build. The Dark Knights are now an amazing army who are brother allies with us. This war was really difficult but on of the best wars we ever had. The Ice Hounds lost another war.


War X. Ice Hounds Vs. Water Ninjas [Again] [Last War Of First Generation]

This war was long and tough. Our leaders at the time were Son Nav, Domsallian, Coolman, Pengton19 And Toxic. On Christmas Day 2013; The Water Ninjas told us on our very own damn chat that they had a “Christmas Present” for us. The present was a rage post about us not being good colonies and declaring war on us again. They stated that we always were attacking Dark Knights and were lazy colonies. Bullshit. This was not true. They offered peace treaties; such as giving up all our empire but unlike last time we did not listen to there bullshit. We won 1-2 battles in this war. Why is that good? The Ice Hounds never really won against The Major Army Water Ninjas. We beat them in a few battles; they invaded all at different time zones but we made it to each and every battle. We only had one Ausia event and ended up maxing two. They scheduled an Ausia invasion on our birth server. We came and maxed 7-8+ This event was legendary. Why was this event legendary? A few reasons. Reason I. We maxed 7-8+ at midnight and we are a Canadian/United States army. We usually max two at ausia events. Barely. Reason II. Legendary Ice Hound Leader Wei Shue who was forced to quit came back during that battle. Reason III. Two people who are now troop legends were promoted to owner. Reason IV. This all happened fifteen minutes before we died. Last event of first generation. This war helped us grow. Quote Ice Hound Legend Coolman; ‘Karma is a bitch; so please do not go spreading rumors Water Ninjas.’ We lost all our servers to them and were claimed dead a few minutes after our first battle. We however came back to stay. We had two other armies messing with us during the war; raiding our land. We simply ignored them because they had no land and had invalid claims.


War XI. Ice Hounds Alliance Vs. Earthing Warriors [First War Of Second Generation] [Biggest War]

This was was our biggest war. It was also the first war of our second generation. We had an alliance with over eight armies called The United Armies Of Club Penguin. The Earthing Warriors will always be the most fucking annoyingest army there ever will be. Fuck everyone in the army. Son Nav lead it or close allies now. I don’t give a shit they will always be the most fucking annoyingest army of all time. The Ice Hound Leaders at the time were Son Nav, Coolman, Natalie And Toxic. Wei Shue And Domsallian helped us out. The Earthing Warriors were noobs and more then fools. The war started with a comment. Earthing (Earthing Warrior Creator/Leader) commented on our site saying “Hello Ice Hounds; we want to see how strong you are by taking your nation and raiding your servers Ausia times; friendly war.” There grammar was not like that. This was was not friendly. There grammar was terrible. Son Nav actually had to ask them what they typed in. It was shit grammar. Bullshit. We made an alliance against these asswipes. They faked pictures; Earthings former army got banned from Small Medium Army Central. Why? For stealing other Army photos and faking them. They never showed up to an event (except this one time when one bot came on). We formed an alliance because they pissed us all off. The Alliance contained The Following Armies. Ice Hounds, Dark Knights, Smart Penguins, Army Republic, Navy Of Club Penguin, Chaos, Lighting Strikers, Striking Raiders And Oreos. We won each invasion and defense. United Kingdom Or Ausia time; we fucking made it. We kicked there ass and they surrendered to us eventually. They had to give up eight servers to the alliance. Earthing let the army die and re-created The Purple Republic. The Alliance we formed was claimed dead but we can bring it back whenever needed. This war contained lots of hacking. Lots. Earthing pretended to be Ice Hound Creator Son Nav. We won our first war in our second generation.


War XII. Ice Hounds Alliance Vs. Nachos [Last War Of Second Generation]

This was not our fault. The Ice Hounds leaders at the time were Son Nav, Coolman And Natalie. A Major Army called The Nachos needed land because they were butt-hurt. Son Nav’s first and birth army was The Nachos. They were now a dictatorship. Nachos were invading all of The Small Medium Armies out there. There main targets were about 7-8 specific Small Medium Armies and we were one of those targets. Lighting Striker Leader Tondra came to our chat and told us about this matter; they needed help with the defenses so The United Armies Of Club Penguin Returned. We recruited even more armies to join the alliance. This was on every media site. The Nachos were created in 2007 and were a major legendary army. We were preparing for this war. The Nachos were our enemies. This war was our last of our second generation; our second generation lasted a while and we had long wars but not much wars. The Alliance logged on to battle The Nachos. We all wore purple and all together maxed at-least 30. The Alliance chat had so many people on. Three full chats on one chat. We were winning but we losing size and tactics. We started to troll The Nachos even though The Nachos unfortunately won. The war was done after a few days. Son Nav later on helped The Nachos out at a few events. They are no longer enemies. This was not really a war but we shall count it. It was a legendary war and The Alliance later on died again but The Ice Hounds may bring back The United Army Alliance Of Club Penguin whenever needed. We can create and join new alliances too. This war was the last war Coolman led. It was also The Last War Of Our Second Generation. Each of The Armies in the alliance got a great spot on The Top Ten Armies. The Lighting Strikers got number one on The Top Ten Armies.


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