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The Ice Vikings was a Club Penguin army made by Bottlefanta and Bobcatboy10 in May 2008. The storyline behind the Ice Vikings is that they went to war against the Romans as Vikings and after they won the war, a mist clouded the dojo and they were gone. They had recovered and left Mammoth to a far away, unknown iceberg. For years, no one found the elite soldiers of the Vikings. They lived off frozen fish and whatever they could find. All these years, they`ve been training to suceed as a new army, and with other allies such as what they once were, the Vikings. Well guess what?! They’re here! That is the storyline of the Ice Vikings and how they came to be the ICE VIKINGS. One of there main goals are to help the Vikings and become known throughout the other armies.


Generation 1:

Two good friends in real life decided to make their own army, after being in other club penguin armies. So in June 2008, the Ice Vikings were created by Bobcatboy10 and Bottlefanta. They both worked together and got alot of new recruits. The new recruits were real friendly and really made the Ice Vikings so magnificent. Ice Vikings had up to 26 active and had only a few battles. This went on until around summer 2009, then high school hit me and bobcatboy10, and Ice Vikings slowly fell. So bobcatboy10 and i both went our seperate ways. He went to ACP, and i went to IW. He is currently Leader of ACP, and i retired from IW as 4IC right before i started this Ice vikings generation 2. So to everyone old and new, welcome to Ice Vikings generation 2! So far we are doing good, and Bobcatboy10 might come back. I am trying to get new recruits along with most of the old troops o come back. Please enjoy your stay with the Ice Vikings.

Generation 2:

Generation 2 started off with a big bang.  This big bang only lasted a week though.  For that week, we gained 10 in the top 10 biggest cp armies but soon fell down for another unactive period.  By 12/31/10 we have reached 5 in cp’s top 10 biggest cp armies according to Cpac.  All through January and February, we stayed on the Cpac’s Top 10 Biggest Cp Armies.

The leadership problems and soldiers leaving led to the fall of the once Mighty Ice Vikings.  Oagalthorp was brought in to help get us to the top 10 once more. But oagalthorp, the creator of the Acp, fell short of helping this army rise the ranks of the best armies of Clubpenguin.  He was voted out of leadership.

Bottlefanta came back to the rescue once more.


The Original Ice Vikings Era:

The Ice Vikings were brought back by Bottlefanta and Bobcatboy10 with the help of Hurricanex1.