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Iceyfeet1234 is an Army Legend and has been a substantial figure in the community since Iceyfeet created the Ice Warriors in 2007. The Ice Warriors has since sparked the “Warrior” armies trend which is often seen throughout the community. Iceyfeet has led the Ice Warriors to great sizes and is credited for the Ice Warriors’ first golden age.


Creation of the Ice Warriors (2007)

Iceyfeet1234 created the Ice Warriors on the 1st of June 2007. The Ice Warriors are one of the first armies to be created, they were quick to become a force to be reckoned with and swiftly became an unstoppable force within Club Penguin.

The Warrior Army Merge (2007)

Eventually all of the Warrior armies and the Romans decided to merge together to form a massive army, called The Warrior Army. It was led by Icey, Ambrosia, Wwe09 and Dream. However, after tensions arose between Icey and Wwe09, they decided to separate back into their original armies.

Coup Attempt (2008)

In January of 2008, there was an attempted coup led on Icey by rebellious soldiers of the Ice Warriors. This revolution of sorts, was spearheaded by high-ranking Ice Warriors soldiers, Lorenzo Bean and Sriv007. This revolution was mostly due to the fact of the increased inactivity of Icey. The rebels were able to seize the Ice Warriors website, but Icey was quick to retaliate. Few soldiers stuck with Icey during this rebellion period, but eventually the rebellion fell with time.

Golden Age (2008)

After the failed rebellion, the Ice Warriors were able to continue to prosper and grow with each passing day. The Ice Warriors were able to successfully compete in the Legends Cup and gain a max of over eighty penguins. Icey was able to lead the Ice Warriors to the finals of the tournament where the were pitted against the Nacho Army.