The Império Snow (abbreviated IS) was an portuguese-brazilian Club Penguin army created by Snowluck3 on July 11th, 2011 on the server Deu Branco. The Império Snow is considered by some as one of the largest armies on PT-BR servers.



After the end of the 2nd Great Ninja War, Snowluck3 left the Liga do Club Penguin (LCP) and started a research to understand the foreign club penguin war techniques. After the conclusion of his research, Snow starts a great operation that was focused on recruit soldiers and train them with the foreign techniques. In a short time, Snow and his little group became a Great Empire.

Personal Union with LCP

1 year after Império Snow's foundation, the portuguese-brazilian servers was bordering a new war. Razgrix, the cousin of Império do Club Penguin's real leader, was starting a new reign, and his goals for his new reign were crash IS and LCP, and turn Império do Club Penguin (ICP) in the unique Great Army in PT-BR servers. However, IS and LCP forged a great alliance in this 1 year, by the way, Snow was a great friend of LCP's mains members, and this helps in the approximation between the 2 groups. LCP changed the way IS lives and IS changed the way LCP lived, creating a consolidated and homogeneous group. So, together LCP and IS fought against ICP and resisted the damages that war brings even though they had neither won nor lost, while ICP plunged into a deep sociopolitical crisis.

The Fall of ICP

During the ICP rebellion, some troops were sent by emperor Snow to fight with Jetdrago, the ICP founder, cousin of Razgrix and leader of republican rebellion (Republica do Club Penguin{RCP}) against the reign of Razgrix, that changed the name of ICP to Novo Império do CP(NICP). During the last battle, Gpateo, Snow's oldest brother (in the game) and RCP General, take the control of NICP blog and won the battle. After the victory, Gpateo dismantled NICP and Jetdrago left RCP to Gpateo, that attach them to IS.


Complete Ninja clothe, Camp Bag, a Hockey Helmet and any weapon

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