The Imperial Defense Agency was a secret service team of the Dark Knight Empire designed for spying and investigating on armies and actions.



The Foundation of the IDA was on November or December of 2017. It was founded by the Dark Knight Empire's General, Cobra. He had pitched the idea to Flame before, but he never approved of it, as he was still setting up his cabinet. Cobra, went ahead with making it anyway and recruited 0rockstar0 as the Deputy Director.


The IDA did several investigations upon the Tubas, Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Romans. They also held an investigation upon a new army. The operations are still classified as of July 5th, 2018.

Planned Coup

There was a planned coup of Flame after he was showing no attention to the Empire. The coup never happened.


The IDA was closed officially in December, after the Dark Knight Empire fell into chaos. It remains as a piece of history.

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