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The Island Invaders was an army founded by Moani in May 2020. They maxed peaks of five until eventually shutting down. They were then revived on November 7, 2020, by Pumpkin and LEGOMAN. They then went on to max peaks of twenty-two in this new generation. They were able to beat the likes of the historic Fire Warriors and the Templars.



The Island Invaders were created on May 19, 2020 by the Special Weapons And Tactics Second-In-Command, Moani. Moani was able to lay out an outstanding foundation for the army, allying the original generation with the likes of the Bikers, Galactic Empire and SWAT. She eventually promoted Alien81585 to lead alongside her. She and Alien together were also able to hold many events, maxing peaks of 5 penguins. Eventually both Moani and Alien had become more inactive and the army was sadly shut down due to inactivity on June 29, 2020.

Tropical Era

After a long period of inactivity, SWAT Second-In-Command, LEGOMAN was doing random army commands on Club Penguin Armies. He stumbled upon the Island Invaders code by accident and decided he really liked the uniform and that reviving the army could potentially bring publicity his way. LEGOMAN is known for being particularly fond of publicity. He jumped at this opportunity and asked his good friend Pumpkin to join him in the revival process. Even before the revival event was held, LEGOMAN and Pumpkin were able to convince the likes of the Midnight Troops, Knights of the Golden Rose, Pumpkin and Kailey Inc, and Red Army to merge into the upcoming army through sheer negotiation. LEGOMAN was also able to revamp the entire rank system to pay homage to the Hawaiian Royal Guard. The army officially revived on Novemeber 7, 2020 and maxed a total of twenty-two penguins, successfully more than quadrupling the peak max of the original generation. The following day they inducted Turnage into leadership and were able to gain consistent maxes of around fifteen penguins. They were also able to gain the first position on the Club Penguin Army HubSmall-Medium Top Ten. Much later following the revival, three leaders in training were inducted: Plazimo, Caitlinx and TheNathanBoy.

Tiki Torch War

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The Island Invaders eventually went to a brief war with the Fire Warriors, after a string of rather unsettling actions from one of the Fire Warriors leaders Ot_ter. The Island Invaders were able to successfully and easily win the war, as Fire Warriors neglected to show up to the battle, thus forfeiting the war. With the end of the war also came the promotion of Leader in Training, Plazimo to leadership.


The Island Invaders eventually reached consistent maxes of around eighteen with little to no ally intervention, and were able to cement themselves as a strong and stable force, gaining a large amount of CPAH land in a short amount of time. They also participated in Christmas Chaos X, in which they were pitted against the Silver Empire, where they contended against an army with much greater history and sizes. With the eventual shutdown of their allies the Secret Service, the Island Invaders quickly sprung into action, successfully invading Parka and Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze was especially important to Island Invaders Commander, LEGOMAN, due to his previous altercations with the Coup Crusaders. On December 21, 2020, upon invading Parka, the Island Invaders announced their merge into the Special Weapons And Tactics. This merge resulted in an attempt to aid their close allies as much as possible in the Serving Weapons and Toppings War. The merge successfully contributed to the war effort, serving as a turning point for SWAT, and the generation of the Island Invaders ended overall as a success, reaching peaks never thought attainable before in the initial generation. With the end of this generation brought the induction of Island Invaders Recreator, LEGOMAN, as an Akua, the highest achievable rank on the Hall of Fame.

Heatwave Age

After 7 months of inactivity the Island Invaders had remained dormant, however on July 3, 2021, Island Invaders Akua LEGOMAN announced a revival event that would take place six hours from when he announced it. This impromptu revival was highly unexpected by the community, however the Island Invaders were still able to max fourteen penguins in their AUSIA return event to the community, even with such little notice. With this revival brought two new members to the helm to lead alongside LEGOMAN, with the chosen two being Graceee and Charizard Rules. The Island Invaders quickly registered within the Club Penguin Army Network League as a small medium army and obtain the server Fiesta as their capital.


  • Owning a total of 6 pieces of land on the CPAH map throughout the revival generation
  • Placing first in the Small Medium Top 10 one week after opening
  • Successfully more than quadrupling the highest max of the first generation in the revival event alone

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