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Khevra was an NPC second-in-command. He was also a Romans second-in-command, an RPF moderator, and a Pizza Federation second-in-command.

Career (2013–present)

Rebel Penguin Federation

Khevra joined the RPF in summer 2013. He worked his way up Brigadier General but was removed by Elmikey. After he was forced out of the RPF, he army hopped, until he founded his own small army and then eventually leaving the community completely.


In late 2017, Khevra would return to the RPF, but instead found Romans around the same time. After joining, he quickly began to rise in the ranks until he became a Tribune. He retired shortly before the army was shutdown.

Nova Phoenix Corps

On July 13, 2018, Khevra was appointed second-in-command of the recently founded Nova Phoenix Corps, and on August 19, 2018, he retired from the army.

Pizza Federation

To be written.